Viral ‘Not Real’ Airplane Woman Comes Clean About Exactly What She Saw

Tiffany Gomas, the woman who became an overnight viral meme after an expletive-laden verbal FI meanexplosion on an airplane, has finally revealed what exactly caused the outburst. Gomas appeared on Friday’s episode of “Pardon My Take,” a sports and culture podcast, and discussed a litany of topics including, obviously, the viral incident itself. In doing so, Gomas also appeared to bring some closure to the whole ordeal — and it’s not nearly as fantastical as some may have hoped. First, here’s the viral video in question:
“Either they can believe it or they cannot believe it,” a visibly distraught Gomas is seen saying in the viral clip. “I don’t give two f***s, but I am telling you, right now, that motherf***er … That motherf***er right there is not real.” The clip became an overnight sensation and it’s obvious why. Whether you are big on conspiracies, or viral social media content, or are just a fan of rubbernecking at “car crash television,” there’s something here for quite a number of people. The biggest mystery, obviously was what exactly Gomas saw that was “not real.” Well, on “Pardon My Take,” Gomas revealed that her use of that phrase was more a figure of speech than anything a cryptozoologist would be interested in. Gomas, a 38-year-old Texas “marketing guru” according to the New York Post, admitted to the show that the “cringe” reason for her hysterical response was over some sort of a disagreement with whomever was sitting next to her. And no — It was not Big Foot or Elvis on that plane. “Can I ask again, what you saw?” asked Pardon My Take co-host Dan “Bit Cat” Katz. “You know, the reason I probably haven’t come out — yet — [is] because it’s, like, so cringe,” Gomas began. “I did not see anything.” “What?” Katz asked in a stunned undertone. “Well, I mean, I think y’all knew that,” Gomas said. When pressed about her “that motherf***er is not real” comment, Gomas made clear that it was a figure of speech — as in, “That person is so ridiculous, he can’t be real.” “I got in a bit of an altercation, it spiraled out of control,” Gomas explained. “It was not my best moment. I mean, it was actually a horrible moment. Absolutely mortifying.” When Katz pointed out that many people have bad moments on planes, Gomas noted that 450 million people have watched her bad moment. “So what you’re saying is that clip that we all saw, ‘that motherf***er is not real,’ is not you thinking that someone is an alien, it was just the tail end of an argument,” Katz summarized. “It’s an expression of speech,” Gomas said.
Well, there you have it. One of the most viral moments of 2023 — one that has led to all manner of social media memes, speculation and Halloween costumes — appears to have been little more than an improperly used figure of speech and a run-of-the-mill airplane altercation. What a disappointment.
    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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