‘The View’ Hosts Heartbroken After Reading News Their Favorite Candidate Won’t Run in 2024

It might be breaking hearts on “The View,” but the Republican primary field is turning out to be for actual Republicans — and the co-hosts can’t understand why. Less than two weeks ago, the ladies were being wowed — and wooed — by New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who teased his own potential candidacy while winning the hearts of Whoopi & Co. with manly reassurances that former President Donald Trump can’t possibly win a general election. On Tuesday, a day after Sununu announced he would not be running for the Republican nomination, “The View” discussion was on the somber side — but still chock full of advice for how Republicans could revamp their party to suit the ladies’ tastes. Because isn’t “The View” primary what every Republican is looking to win? Check it here, as Goldberg read the news from a cue card on the air. For pure amusement value, it’s hard to beat the idea of serious conservatives taking advice from women who range from the simply duplicitous left (“Republican” Alyssa Farah Griffin), to the insane far-left (Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin), to demonically possessed, head-spinning, puking-on-the-priest inanity (Joy Behar).
Griffin, the former Trump White House staffer turned-turncoat for “The View,” attempted to put an adult-in-the-room spin on the debate by declaring there’s a “battle for the soul of the Republican Party.” (Pro tip: An alleged Republican echoing one of Joe Biden’s tropes¬†might make “The View” audience feel clued-in, but it’s a bad way to start giving advice to the GOP.) “Are we going to be a right-wing, populist party where it’s all culture wars and going after drag queens? Or are we a conservative party that believes in a different approach of limited government, free speech, free markets, free minds?” Griffin said. “Sadly, the Trump side is winning right now, but I’m so excited that Chris Sununu, Larry Hogan, some of these … Chris Christie are going to come in and fight for the Republican Party I’ve believed in and been a member of my whole life.” If she thinks former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is the soul of the Republican Party, she must think former Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the brains. (He’s not. And He’s not.) Maybe Ms. Farah didn’t notice, but a party of limited government, free speech and free minds is pretty much what all Republicans believe in — and no Democrats do. Her crack about culture wars and drag queens also misses the point about which side exactly started these culture wars. Here’s a hint: It wasn’t conservatives who woke up yesterday morning and decided drag queens and sexual perversion belonged in the same room as 7-year-olds. The idea that choosing a gender is like choosing a pair of shoes didn’t come from the party of Reagan. Using every weapon from high-technology abuses to government police forces to brute thug tactics in the streets to shut down political opponents also didn’t come from the right. A generation ago — before the Clintons and their particular form of leftist poison entered the political bloodstream — it was a “culture war.” Now, it’s a war for the Constitution. Sununu’s vanished-before-you-saw-him departure from the presidential race didn’t keep “The View” fans in suspense long, though, as the harpies seem to have landed on a new favorite GOP candidate fairly quickly: Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Christie announced his candidacy on Friday and is basically viewed as a kamikaze pilot heading straight for an aircraft carrier called the USS Donald Trump. “He’s the most interesting one in the party right now,” Behar said. “But can he win?” co-host Sarah Haines interjected. “He can’t and he knows it,” Behar answered. “He’s on a mission to take out Donald Trump,” Griffin said. The rest was inaudible as she and Haines talked over each other, but it get a round of applause from the GOP-hating audience anyway. And it said everything there was to say about “The View” and Republicans. “The View” panelists want what every liberal, progressive and leftist wants — a Republican who can damage Donald Trump so badly in the primaries that he will be too bloodied for the general election, or a Republican who can actually defeat Trump in the primaries but alienate so many Trump supporters in the process that the general election with be a cakewalk for Democrats. What Republicans want is considerably different and Griffin said it herself: Limited government, free speech, free markets, free minds. Toss in a strong national defense, restored security to the border, and a candidate committed to ending the subversive terror of a deep state that considers itself a kind of covert college of cardinals that selects presidents instead of popes, and we’ve got a winner. And it will be up to Republican primary voters — not “The View,” or the establishment media or the Democratic Party — to decide who that is. That isn’t what progressives, Democrats or “The View” shrews want, but if the soul of the country really is at stake, it’s where the fight needs to be. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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