Video: Violence Hits Disney World as Two Families Engage in All-Out Brawl Over Reported Line Dispute

The happiest place on Earth turned into a brawling zone as a fight broke out at Walt Disney World this week. Video footage showed two families pushing and punching each other over a line dispute. The altercation took place Wednesday at the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland and lasted for a few minutes before authorities arrived. The man who recorded the brawl said he was unaware of what started it. He shared the footage with Fox 35 News.

WARNING: This video contains images and language which some may find offensive.

“We came upon it, and it appeared as though it took about two minutes for two security personnel to arrive. Deputies arrived probably about five minutes after that,” he said. A man was medically treated for a large cut on his chin while the others walked away with cuts and bruises, WDW News Today reported. One of the family members who were attacked reached out to the resort’s news outlet to reveal what happened. The guest said their family member exited the line for an attraction to retrieve their phone from one of the park’s scooters. When the member returned however, they were met with resistance from another family in matching clothes. The family member eventually made it inside, but the other family in white shirts and red shorts waited to confront them until the end of the show. A member of the guest’s family said they did not want any trouble before the color-coordinated one started shouting. Violence erupted shortly afterward, ending in torn clothes and damaged belongings. After two other guests intervened to break up the fight, security personnel escorted both families to the park’s security office for statements. According to an update from WDWNT, the matching family was arrested for starting the fight and the other family had been banned from Disney World. This is the second fight that has occurred in the last three months at the Orlando, Florida, resort, Fox 35 News reported. The other one occurred on May 9, when a man reported his wife suffered a head injury in a confrontation with another female. After two women and one man pushed past a couple to see Magic Kingdom’s fireworks, the wife refused to move. This prompted one of the other women to grab the wife by the hair and pull her to the ground. Just like any city, even Disney World encounters violence sometimes. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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