Video: RFK Jr. Claims Woody Harrelson’s Father Was Involved in JFK’s Assassination

Video: RFK Jr. Claims Woody Harrelson’s Father Was Involved in JFK’s Assassination

Independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. claimed in a newly-released interview that actor Woody Harrelson’s late father was involved in the assassination of his uncle, then-President John F. Kennedy.

The claim was made during the “Vlad TV Podcast” with host DJ Vlad.

While many people might know Harrelson’s father was a convicted hitman and reputed mafia associate, many might not know that he had claimed before his death that he was one of several people he said were responsible for Kennedy’s Nov. 22, 1963, murder in Dallas, Texas.

The elder Harrelson’s claims have been disputed, but Robert Kennedy Jr. said Tuesday that he is convinced that he and the “Kingpin” star are connected through perhaps the most infamous slaying of the 20th Century.

“Woody Harrelson’s dad was involved in the assassination, and he confessed multiple times,” Kennedy said.

When the host asked the presidential candidate to expound on the claim, the nephew of the late president explained.

“He was not a shooter,” Kennedy said. “What he said his role was was when the shooting started from the grassy knoll, a big crowd of people saw the smoke coming up, and they ran up to look at it — to see the source of it.”

Kennedy said Secret Service agents pushed the people away.


“The Secret Service later said there were no Secret Service people on that hill,” Kennedy said. “Charles Harrelson’s function was to deliver the Secret Service badges to a group of people on the hill.”

Kennedy said the elder Harrelson was aware an “incident” was going to occur but was not aware that the president was about to be shot.

The presidential candidate then said that several Italian mafia figures he claimed were connected to the assignation turned up dead quickly after.

“There were over 30 people who were killed who were witnesses or potential witnesses,” he said.

Charles Harrelson was not among the dead, but Kennedy said there are photos of him near the spot where his uncle was killed.

“He was a professional hitman,” Kennedy said of the actor’s father. “He had been recruited out of the military, worked for the CIA, and then worked for the Carlos Marcello mob, and he died in maximum security prison for the murder of a federal judge.”

Kennedy added, “But he was a very, very interesting character, and he confessed at one time. But then he told Woody the story, which Woody told me.”

He concluded there are currently photos of Charles Harrelson at the scene of the assassination.

Harrelson claimed to have killed Kennedy but retracted the statement.

The elder Harrelson died at the age of 69 in a federal prison in 2007 for the 1979 assassination of Texas Judge John Wood outside of his San Antonio home.

The father of the “White Men Can’t Jump” star was convicted of the murder and connected to numerous other murders in Texas.

In 1994, Texas Monthly covered Charles Harrelson’s crimes and alleged crimes for a story about his son’s rise to fame.

The outlet reported: “Harrelson’s connection to the JFK assassination stems from the famous photograph of the ‘three tramps,’ who were arrested near Dealey Plaza a few minutes after the shooting but were released before anyone thought to get their names.

“The tall tramp looked very much like Charles Harrelson, a coincidence Harrelson has exploited.”

The report added that a San Antonio attorney named Tom Sharpe later set out to prove Charles Harrelson was indeed one of the men in the photo that Robert Kennedy Jr. referred to in his Tuesday interview.

Texas Monthly concluded, “But Sharpe compared the photo of the tramp taken in Dallas with one of Harrelson taken at about the same time and concluded it wasn’t the same person.”

In August of this year, Woody Harrelson was seen wearing a hat supporting Robert Kennedy Jr.’s bid for the White House, USA Today reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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