Video: Press Room Erupts with Laughter After They Hear What Peter Doocy Calls Joe Biden

Video: Press Room Erupts with Laughter After They Hear What Peter Doocy Calls Joe Biden

Peter Doocy had his colleagues in stitches after an apparent Freudian slip.

The Fox News White House correspondent accidentally let his subconscious speak about who’s really in charge of President Joe Biden’s White House.

While asking a follow-up question to National Security Council spokesman John Kirby during a press briefing Thursday, Doocy mashed up Biden’s name with that of former President Barack Obama.

“Is President Obiden — Is President Biden OK,” Doocy said as the room erupted in laughter.

“Yes,” Kirby replied without missing a beat, using Doocy’s quick attempt to recalibrate himself to imply it was another Fox News inquiry about the president’s health.

“That’s good. That’s a big story for us. Is the president –” Doocy quipped in reply.

“And only you,” Kirby further ribbed the network.

Even Kirby had to crack a smile as Doocy attempted to finish his question, which pertained to the apparent rift between Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the handling of humanitarian aid in Gaza during the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Despite the gravity of the subject matter surrounding it, this exchange became a favorite circulated on X, formerly Twitter.

Many accounts circulated the clip, including news outlets

Doocy’s verbal flub is particularly humorous because there’s been a sense that the Biden administration amounts to a third term for Obama.

The term-limited former president, whom Biden served under as vice president, once said he’d be willing to continue to serve by being the proverbial “man behind the curtain” for a new president.

“If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a frontman or frontwoman, and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement in my sweats, looking through the stuff, then deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking — I’d be fine with that,” Obama said on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in 2020.

If this was truly a dream of his, Obama certainly has proximity as his family chose an $8.1 million mansion located in the Washington, D.C., neighborhood of Kalorama after leaving the White House.

It’s also noteworthy that Biden chose to staff his administration with members of the Obama White House, which strongly suggests a certain desire for continuity between the two, according to USA Today.

But the most compelling evidence for this theory is that Obama has document and direct influence in the Biden administration, given his recent collaboration to help the president address growing concerns with emerging artificial intelligence technology, NBC News reported.

Coupled with the glaring reality that Biden struggles to navigate even the minute responsibilities of his office, it would make sense that someone has to be pulling the strings for him — and who better than the man who raised his profile in the first place?

Doocy’s slip of the tongue was as funny as it was informative about his own insights — but the laughter from his leftist colleagues proves there’s at least a whiff of truth to it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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