Video: Mitt Romney Finally Admits Where His Real Allegiance Has Been the Whole Time

Video: Mitt Romney Finally Admits Where His Real Allegiance Has Been the Whole Time

Now that Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah is not running for re-election, he doesn’t need to keep the mask on.

And now that it’s off, we can see whose side he has been on all along — his own.

In an interview with CBS’ Norah O’Donnell on “Person To Person,” Romney showed his hand, revealing that it wasn’t just Donald Trump he was against.

When asked whom he supported in the 2024 primary race, the 2012 GOP candidate for president replied that he would back “any one of the Republicans” — unless the nominee is former President Donald Trump or businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

The interview aired in October, but was revived on social media over the weekend, according to Newsweek.

“I’d be happy to support virtually any one of the Republicans — maybe not Vivek,” Romney admitted. “But, uh, but the others that are running would be acceptable to me, and I’d be happy to vote for them.”

“I’d be happy to vote for a number of the Democrats, too,” Romney added. “I mean, it would be an upgrade from, in my opinion, from Donald Trump and perhaps also from Joe Biden.

“Look, I like President Biden, you know. I find him a very charming, engaging person,” Romney said. “There’s some places I agree with him, but most places I disagree with him. I think he’s made all sorts of terrible mistakes but, uh, I would like to see someone else run.”

Romney went on to admit that he has been “chatting on the phone with President Biden,” defending attacks against Biden’s age, saying, “I’ve negotiated with President Biden on the infrastructure bill. We met at his office and talked at length on a whole series of issues … He’s mentally capable.”

He added, “I’m not afraid of people who are older being in positions of leadership… Heck, the president of my church is 99 years old and does a fine job leading our church, so I’m OK with that.”

If Romney’s problem with Trump was, as he put it earlier in the interview, “the dishonesties that have been spoken by Donald Trump,” then why is he against Ramaswamy? The only similarities Trump and Ramaswamy have is their strong “America first” stance and the fact that they are both political outsiders.

The fact that Romney even said he would vote for a Democrat — who would be the standard-bearer of a party that supports none of the values Romney claims — shows that to Romney, personal vindictiveness is a priority over what he claims are his principles.

His real allegiance, in other words, is to himself.

Romney admitted he enjoys conversations with President Biden, finding him “charming” despite some policy disagreements. Yet he rejects working with Trump or Ramaswamy.

This is just another glimpse into the “swamp” mentality of many of the politicans who are part of the D.C. political machine.

As one X user put it, “He’s filthy rich and a collapsed economy doesn’t affect him.”

“Reminds me of that song by Cyndi Lauper – True Colors,” another post stated.

For some career politicians like Romney, it’s not about the party or the people they serve — or even the principles they publicly espouse. It’s about themselves and ensuring that their self-interest remains untouched.

Trump shone a light into the entrenched, interconnected interests driving Washington, but revealing the political machinery is only the first step toward reform.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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