Video: Man Exposes Horrible EV Quality Issue When He Literally Sticks Pen Between Panels

As gas prices hit unprecedented heights, many on the left began offering struggling Americans one simple solution — buy an electric car. Since then, numerous stories and reports have revealed that such a solution is unrealistic for most U.S. citizens. Electric cars can be exorbitantly expensive, are made with environmentally harmful materials and can be difficult to charge due to a lack of infrastructure. As it turns out, the interiors of such cars also carry some serious problems. Carlos Sancon, a popular TikToker whose videos have garnered 2.3 million likes on the social media platform, demonstrated as much in a series of videos.
@carlossancon Didnt expect it to be this bad #tesla #models #plaid #modelsplaid #cars #cartok #fyp #foryou #ev ♬ original sound – Carlos Sancon
In the video, Sancon can be seen pulling apart the paneling on the inside of what he claims to be a 2020 Tesla Model S Performance P100D. Interior paneling on the door, upper speaker and middle console appear to be quite easy to pull apart. “That’s not even the worst part,” Sancon said, before pulling out a pen. Sancon is able to fit the pen in the panel gaps on one side of the trunk but not the other. “Now, I’m sorry, but if I’m paying $120,000 for a car, I kind of want it to have better quality than this,” Sancon says at the end of the video. In another video, Sancon picks apart the interior of a 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid.
@carlossancon Is the price tag for a Tesla Model S Plaid worth it? #tesla #EV #cartok #formula1 ♬ original sound – Carlos Sancon
The interior again appears to have some quality issues. Yet again, Sancon is able to fit a pen in the panel gap on the side of the trunk. A Model S Tesla sells for up to $126,000 according to the company’s website. A Model S Plaid sells for nearly $155,000, based on the video. Despite the many issues associated with electric vehicles, the Biden administration appears hell-bent on encouraging Americans to purchase them. On March 31, President Biden claimed that Americans would save $80 a month on gas per person if every citizen were to buy electric vehicles. This would, theoretically, help Americans save a whole $960 a year. What the president failed to share, however, is that the average cost of an electric vehicle was roughly $60,054 in February. If one were to spend at least $60,000 on an electric car while saving $960 per year, it would take 62 years and six months to recoup the cost. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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