Video: Illegal Aliens Rush Through Hole in Wall as Border Patrol, Federal Contractors Try to Fix It

Video: Illegal Aliens Rush Through Hole in Wall as Border Patrol, Federal Contractors Try to Fix It

At this point, the only professionals who respect President Joe Biden’s border policies are the human smugglers getting rich off them.

That was the clear message from a disturbing clip posted to social media on Tuesday by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin as part of a reporting trip to Lukeville, Arizona.

The clip not only showed illegal aliens rushing through a breach in the border wall that federal contractors were on hand to fix, it showed the alien smuggler who guided them through — a figure of cocky confidence who still seemed to find it hard to believe it was all happening.

Check it out here. The smuggler’s standout turn starts at about the 20-second mark.

“Our cameras were rolling in Lukeville, AZ as groups of illegal immigrants rushed through a breach in the border wall as Border Patrol & federal contractors were trying to fix it,” Melugin wrote.

“Their human smuggler then shrugs at our cameras & salutes us. Cuts/breaches all over wall here.”

It’s the image of the shrug that’s infuriating, followed by the even more infuriating salute.

It appears the smuggler was using video to record the faces of his customers going through the breached wall in broad daylight (as proof of delivery? for promotional purposes?) then turned to face the United States side of the wall with all the concern of an Uber driver who’d just dropped off a ride at the airport.

The theatrical shrug at the Fox cameras came off as pure amusement, like, “Doesn’t make sense to me either.”

And the salute was just mockery: “See you next time, suckers.”

And this is just one scene — a flash of a vignette in an ongoing flood that has run unstemmed since January 2021, nearly three full years now.

The impacts are being felt far from the border — as New York’s Mayor Eric Adams leads his city into a spiral of self-destruction fed by the influx of more than 100,000 illegal aliens that has cost the city almost $11 billion so far.

In Chicago, Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson lectures his residents that they need to be prepared to “sacrifice” on behalf of the invading armies of aliens that have overrun shelters and are occupying police stations, parts of airports and other public facilities.

And through it all, Democratic leaders stick blindly to Biden’s blind vision of a United States left open for any random horde from the globe to enter at will.

American citizens are at risk from unvetted aliens whose crimes are captured in headlines regularly, even losing the benefits of charity from other citizens.

At this point, everyone with eyes knows its a disaster, from the criminally inept Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Majorkas down to the Customs and Border Protection agents on the ground and the federal contractors fixing holes in fences too late to actually keep more swarms of migrants out.

And the only ones pleased are the border smugglers, like the man in Melugin’s video.

No wonder he saluted.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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