Video: Former President Bush Gives ‘Corny’ Advice to Americans for Veterans Day

Video: Former President Bush Gives ‘Corny’ Advice to Americans for Veterans Day

It feels like a very dark time for America.

From the inability of many to pay their bills due to inflation, the effects of the open border, drugs and crime, to the shocking anti-Semitism and violence on our streets, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to feel good about.

Many veterans may wonder, “Is this what we sacrificed for?”

Former President George W. Bush had some advice for those who may be feeling the weight of disillusionment.

“My advice is stay positive,” Bush told a Fox News reporter at the annual Warrior Bike Ride for veterans he hosted Friday at his ranch in Texas.

“If you study world history or U.S. history, we go through cycles of being down,” Bush said. “And yet, Americans ought to realize how blessed we are to live in this country.”

“Yeah, the images are grim, and yes, there’s violence,” he said, referring to the Russia-Ukraine war as well as the Israel-Hamas conflict, “but ultimately love overcomes hate.

“That’s been the case throughout history; it’ll be the case now. I know that sounds corny to some of your listeners, but that’s why I stay optimistic, because I know it’s going to happen.”

Bush’s words carry weight not just because he is a former president, but because he has witnessed and managed some of the most challenging times in recent history. His words aren’t empty platitudes; they reflect a deep understanding of some of the worst moments this country has faced.

Bush’s statement, “Ultimately, love overcomes hate,” summarizes a powerful historical truth.

When we study history, we see this resilience time and again. We are reminded of the courage shown from the American Revolution through the Civil War, the strength revealed during the two world wars and the resolve that won the Cold War.

Bush’s message, especially in the face of challenging times, is not “corny” but rather a source of strength and hope.

In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul wrote, “For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope” (Romans 15:4).

Everything written in the Scriptures has taught us that God is always in control.

Everything written in our nation’s history reminds us that his love has never forsaken the American people.

This Veterans Day, remember to thank veterans for their service and sacrifice, in good times and bad, and for never giving up the fight for a more perfect union.

And keep the faith.

It may feel dark right now, but love will overcome.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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