Video of Conservative Influencer Laura Loomer Being Escorted Out of Nikki Haley Rally Goes Viral

Video of Conservative Influencer Laura Loomer Being Escorted Out of Nikki Haley Rally Goes Viral

The Nikki Haley campaign was reminded Saturday that sending Laura Loomer packing from a campaign event does nothing to keep the conservative firebrand quiet.

Loomer’s post on X detailing  being bounced from the event and her comments had racked up more than 10 million views as of Sunday morning EST.

With the Republican Iowa caucuses set for Jan. 15, the former South Carolina governor and all of the other Republican presidential contenders are in the pressurized home stretch.

Haley is dueling Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for second place behind poll-leading former President Donald Trump. Loomer is an avid Trump supporter.

The RealClearPolitics average of Iowa polls shows Trump far ahead at 51.3 DeSatnis second at 18.6 percent and Haley third at 16.1 percent.

Loomer’s post on X is below:

“@NikkiHaley just called the cops on me and had me escorted out of her town hall in Iowa. I was literally just standing and her staff let me inside the event after they sent me confirmation of my tickets,” Loomer wrote.

“@NikkiHaley wants to be President and talks a big talk about how she’s going to use her heels to put dictators in their place, but she is so triggered by my presence, she had 2 police remove me from her event.”

Loomer wrote that the incident helped explain why Haley was not up for the job of being president.

“How does Nikki Haley plan on dealing with Putin and Xi if she can’t even handle Laura Loomer?” she added.

“Nikki Haley clearly doesn’t support free speech. For someone who likes to pretend to be anti-dictator, she sure is acting like a dictator by using the police to have women removed from her events. Way to enforce the concept of weaponized government on the 3 year anniversary of January 6, Nikki!”

Loomer said she was surprised to be asked to leave the event, according to Newsweek.

“I’m a well-known conservative journalist so there’s no denying who I am,” she said. “I had Vivek Ramaswamy on my show. I talk to candidates, and today I decided to go see Nikki Haley,” she told the magazine.

“I was approved for the ticket, and I signed my name when I got there. They even asked me if I wanted to volunteer. But while I was waiting for the event, they just called the cops over on me,” she said.

Newsweek described the man who appears in the Loomer video, but says nothing, as a Haley campaign staffer. He was not identified.

Loomer fared no better at a DeSantis event in Ankeny, Iowa.

@RonDeSantis and  @NikkiHaley both called the cops on a Trump supporter today to get them arrested on the 3 year anniversary of J6! They support Weaponized government, and this is why nobody likes them!” Loomer posted.

“It’s really nice to see Ron DeSantis kicking out Trump supporters on January 6th,” Loomer told a police officer escorting her out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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