Video: Agitator Rushes Stage During DeSantis Speech, Pays Painful Price When Security Guard Moves In

Video: Agitator Rushes Stage During DeSantis Speech, Pays Painful Price When Security Guard Moves In

One environmental activist got more than he bargained for after attempting to rush the stage at a Ron DeSantis campaign event on Thursday.

The protester was caught approaching DeSantis as he gave a speech in Ames, Iowa, according to NBC News. A security guard quickly moved in and slammed him to the floor.

The takedown happened so fast that the man barely got a chance to hold up his banner, which read, “DeSantis: Climate Criminal.”

“Ron DeSantis is a climate criminal! How much money are you taking from oil companies?” the protester yelled as he was presumably escorted from the premises.

The Florida governor blamed the incident on the failings of the notoriously left-wing colleges.

“This is [what’s] wrong with the college system right there,” DeSantis said to cheers from the audience. “That’s Exhibit A.”

According to the Daily Mail, the protester was with the “Sunrise Movement,” a climate change group that had sent two activists to disrupt a Fox News town hall with DeSantis on Tuesday.

“I don’t know if they infiltrated or were welcomed to do that, but they were there and they tried to bum-rush the stage there and they got taken down,” DeSantis recounted on Thursday after the protester was tackled.

Earlier in the event, another anti-oil demonstrator had interrupted DeSantis’ speech by yelling about climate change.

“You’re being rude,” DeSantis told the man. “I know you have an agenda. Stop!”


The protester was dragged out of the room by security, according to the Mail.

“This guy … wants you to pay more for gas, more for energy, he wants rolling blackouts in this country,” DeSantis followed up.

“We’re not going to let people like that win. We’re going to make sure we’re energy-independent in this country.”

Later, another climate agitator was removed from the event.

“You see that all the time,” DeSantis said of the protesters.

DeSantis is polling just behind former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in Iowa ahead of the caucuses there on Monday. Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, maintains a 35-point lead.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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