USWNT Legend Admits Something Trans Activists Will Hate: Boys ‘Should Beat Us. Bigger, Stronger, Faster!’

Anyone with eyes can tell you that men have inherent and significant advantages over women when it comes to athletic competition. And yet, this simple statement of biological reality is a wildly controversial one in 2023, despite the mounting and bloody evidence backing it up. Dare to bring up those gosh darn biological differences and you will likely get shouted down, fired, or worse. So imagine the surprise when a former member of the infamously woke U.S. women’s national soccer team acknowledged not only that men and women are (obviously) different, but that those differences become apparent quite early on. To wit, USWNT legend Carli Lloyd, who led the U.S. to World Cup victories in 2015 and 2019, was recently drawn into a fascinating conversation on X. “Carli is it [true] you lost to a bunch of 15 year old boys?” one user asked, referring to the time the USWNT scrimmaged the FC Dallas under-15 boys squad and lost 5-2. Lloyd, to her credit, didn’t just acknowledge the loss — she revealed that it wasn’t the only time a boys team had defeated the world-beating USWNT. “Yes it’s true. I know…thousands of people have already brought that up. They were good. We actually lost to a youth Bayern Munich team in my career as well but then we went on to win Olympics and World Cups. So…..” Lloyd posted. Another X user responded to Lloyd by posting a picture of one of the FC Dallas boys — and he towered over Lloyd. Lloyd took that response and came out with the kind of statement you would expect more from Matt Walsh than, say, a USWNT star. “They should beat us,” she said. “Bigger, stronger, faster! Boys always gave us a run for our money! It was great prep.” Well. There you go. A straight-up admission that 14-year-old boys are bigger, stronger and faster than women feels like an exception to the rule in this day and age, and that’s because it is. Take Lloyd’s former teammate, the ever-obnoxious Megan Rapinoe, as an example of the rule. Rapinoe recently declared that she would be just fine with a man taking a spot on the USWNT. (Conveniently, those comments came shortly before her retirement from soccer.) In 2020, Rapinoe claimed that boys have no advantage over girls. [firefly_poll] “To every girl out there, to every boy out there who watches this team, who wants to be on this team, or just wants to live their dream out, you are not lesser just because you’re a girl. You are not better just because you’re a boy,” Rapinoe said. Now, if you want to quibble over what she meant by “better,” then sure — boys are not “better” in any moral sense simply by virtue of being male. The quality of your character does not hinge on how fast you can run a mile. But if Rapinoe was trying to say that girls are just as big, just as strong, and just as fast as boys… well, her former teammate has some news for her.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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