USA Today Changes Trump Headline Shortly After Getting Chewed Out by the Biden Campaign

USA Today Changes Trump Headline Shortly After Getting Chewed Out by the Biden Campaign

National newspaper chain USA Today made itself seem like it is colluding with the Biden campaign by changing a headline after the Biden campaign complained about the paper’s coverage of Trump’s policy stance on abortion.

Seeming to prove its bias, the paper changed its headline after the Biden-Harris campaign accused the paper of writing an “egregiously false” title.

The complaints came in during a news conference held on Monday by Biden-Harris campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez, deputy communications director Brooke Goren, and pro-abortion advocate Kaitlyn Kash to rail about the coverage of Trump’s recent announcement of his position on abortion, Fox News reported.

Trump made several statements about abortion, emphasizing his support of in vitro fertilization and maintaining that the states must take the lead in abortion rules. But he insisted that there should not be a single, national rule on the procedure.

For its part, USA Today initially titled its story, “The will of the people’: Trump opposes national abortion ban; says states should decide.”

During the news conference, the Biden flacks blasted Trump, insisted he is “responsible for the nightmare” that women are facing on abortion, and added, “One particularly egregiously false headline even said Trump, quote, ‘opposes a national abortion ban and will leave it up to the will of the people,'” Mediaite reported.

The president’s operatives also said that “Trump kept his word to overturn Roe in his last term, and he will not rest until he has banned abortion across the entire country. Period.”

Then they attacked the media for somehow giving Trump preferential treatment, adding, “We all know this and the coverage needs to reflect it,” and slammed the media for what Biden’s campaign claims is soft-pedaled headlines, one of which was that from USA Today.

Consequently, in the seven hours after the paper published its article, USA Today changed its headline. It now reads, “Donald Trump says states should decide abortion policy, avoids talk of a national ban.”

And, as Mediaite noted, the article bears no notation that the headline was altered, nor did the paper explain why it altered it on the story.

The paper told Fox News that it makes decisions such as this all the time and that headline changes are “not uncommon.”

“Our mission is to report the facts as accurately as possible,” a statement from USA Today insisted.

“As part of our routine editorial process with breaking news, headline updates are not uncommon. In this instance, the headline was updated to more precisely reflect the story,” the paper told Fox News.

But coming so quickly — only hours, even — after the Biden campaign complained, the quick change of the headline certainly makes the paper look like it is taking orders from the Democrat candidate for president.

The Biden campaign’s claim that the media gives Donald Trump preferential treatment is entirely laughable.


And USA Today’s act of jumping right up to kowtow to the campaign’s demands makes that all too obvious.

It’s no wonder most Americans think the media is biased. And what better example can there be of the media’s bias to the left than this incident?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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