US Woman Sentenced for Heartless Murder of Friend: ‘Prison Is Gonna Feel Like a Holiday Inn Compared to Where You’re Headed’

US Woman Sentenced for Heartless Murder of Friend: ‘Prison Is Gonna Feel Like a Holiday Inn Compared to Where You’re Headed’

A Wisconsin woman has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of another woman by using the chemical in Visine eye drops to poison the victim.

Jessy Kurczewski, 40, was sentenced Friday in Waukesha County Circuit Court, according to the Journal-Sentinel.

She can be considered for parole on the murder conviction after 30 years, but the judge tacked on an additional 10 years by giving Kurczewski two five-year consecutive sentences for theft.

That means the 40-year-old woman would not be out of prison until she turns 80.

Kurczewski “plans to vigorously appeal,” defense attorney Russell Jones said.

Kurczewski, who has churned through eight attorneys since 2021, said past attorneys have not served her well.

“I will not stop fighting,” she said. “As God as my witness, this case is far from over.”

Lynn Herman was found dead in October 2018, with a chemical found in Visine called tetrahydrozoline in her body.

Judge Jennifer Dorow said she thinks Kurczewski “banked on” no test for tetrahydrozoline being conducted.

“Do I believe this was a suicide? Absolutely not,” she said.

Dorow said Kurczewski has a pattern of using others.

“You took away future memories, birthdays, luncheons, phone calls,” Dorow said. “I think you thought you were a very good thief and could get away with even more.”

“I think you’re completely diabolical,” Dorow said. “You have evil in your heart.”

Dorow said her goal was to keep Kurczewski in prison until she would no longer be a threat, according to the New York Post.

“There’s really not anyone who’s safe from you when it comes to your willingness to steal, to defraud,” she said.

James Keliher, a friend of the victim, condemned Kurczewski in a victim impact statement posted to Facebook by Court TV.

“Jessy’s pure evil, the Devil lives inside her,” Keliher said.

“She tried to steal Lynn’s identity which could never happen because of the simple fact that she is too damn ugly inside and out,” he said.

“She’s the worst of humanity, she’s a useless human being, she’s a known liar, she’s a thief and now she’s a convicted murderer,” Kelliher said.

He also had words for Kurczewski.

“Jessy when you get to your new home I hope you’re taken advantage of and treated the way you treated Lynn and passed around like a used piece of meat,” he said.

“Life in prison without parole is the least of your worries. Women’s prison is going to feel like a Holiday Inn compared to where you’re headed. The Devil awaits you, I hope you rot in hell,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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