Unsettling Text Messages Surface After Transgender Ex-Lawmaker Is Arrested – The Way He Discusses Toddlers Is Sickening

The case surrounding New Hampshire’s first transgender state representative has taken a horrifying turn shortly after he was charged with a disturbing set of crimes. The disgraced ex-lawmaker, 39-year-old Stacie Laughton, was arrested last month on a slew of child pornography charges. The state alleges that Laughton, born Barry Charles Laughton, was sent explicit photos of young children mid-diaper change by his former intimate partner, daycare worker Lindsay Groves. If you think the heinous machinations against defenseless kids couldn’t get any sicker, buckle up. A criminal complaint filed against the former legislator Monday contains text messages allegedly exchanged between Laughton and Groves. The depravity of these messages becomes instantly clear once seen.

WARNING: The following narrative and linked criminal complaint contain graphic language that some may find disturbing.

The complaint states that on June 7, Laughton asked Groves “So you would let me f*** the little girls that you work with,” which Groves then confirmed. An even more disturbing conversation seems to have taken place nearly a week later, as explicit pictures of two 3-year-old victims, a male and a female, were reportedly sent to Laughton from the daycare. GROVES: I took these for you today so I’m horny. LAUGHTON: Oh you said sexting LAUGHTON: Is that a little girl GROVES: I wasn’t being serious GROVES: Yes that’s a little girl LAUGHTON: i like that I would like to see more of the p**** but I like that it f***ing hot LAUGHTON: Is that one of the girls we get to play with LAUGHTON: That little boy pulling up his shirt looks like GROVES: The boy was getting a diaper on that’s why his shirt is up LAUGHTON: Oh LAUGHTON: Did the girl give you an issue GROVES: No GROVES: The boy didn’t either Other conversations too vulgar and explicit to republish can be seen through a link to the original criminal complaint. If you don’t believe in the death penalty for non-violent crimes, you just might change your mind after reading the details of these two depraved individuals. A total of three minor victims have been identified so far, all of which have been exploited and the abuse recorded and allegedly received with enthusiasm by Laughton. This isn’t Laughton’s only brush with the law. In 2022, just days after his November re-election, the transgender lawmaker was arrested after repeatedly violating a stalking order. The order was originally taken out in July of that year before Laughton violated it for the first time in September. A decade before the stalking incidents, Laughton was elected to office in New Hampshire, but withdrew entirely after prior prison terms were revealed. The crimes then were fairly innocuous compared to later accusations — just a bit of identity and credit-card fraud. In 2015, Laughton was arrested again for calling in a bomb threat against a New Hampshire medical center. Six years after that, in 2021, Laughton found himself behind bars for allegedly sending text messages to a local 911 system with no real emergency to report. Where does the Democratic Party find these people? Even a cursory glance at Laughton’s criminal history would have seemingly disqualified him from being hoisted to an elected office by any political party. Instead, the transgender lawmaker found support and praise from his colleagues. Unfortunately, it seems the act with which Laughton finally did himself in left multiple innocent victims in its wake. These young children must now go their entire life with the trauma allegedly dealt by one of the left’s progressive darlings. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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