University Football Staffer Fired After Allegedly Trying to Meet 13-Year-Old Girl for Sex

A staffer of the football program at the University of Michigan was fired from his position after being caught allegedly trying to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex. Alex Yood was fired last month after a video was published online of a sting operation in which he believed he was meeting an underage girl, according to news reports. “Alex Yood is no longer part of the athletic department,” a university representative wrote in an email, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. “An issue was brought to our attention, and we immediately moved to handle the matter with our HR department. ” “We are unable to comment further regarding this employment matter.” In the video, two men, an online vigilante who used the alias “Boopac Shakur” and a collaborator known as “Dap,” confronted Yood in a store where he was allegedly trying to meet a girl he’d thought he was communicating with. Yood, who appears to say he is 22 in the video, initially claimed he was unaware of the girl’s age. However, the vigilantes immediately slapped down this claim after providing evidence of Yood discussing the girl’s age via text. At several points, the other man yelled others in the store that Yood was there to meet an underage girl “for sex.” [firefly_poll] As Yood attempted to escape the situation, the two men followed him to his car and continued asking him questions about his activities, which included asking the girl to “wear something cute.” During a conversation in the store’s parking lot, Yood told the men he actually just wanted to talk to the girl he thought he was communicating with so he could help her avoid being taken advantage of. “Dap” was having none of it. “You asked a 13-year-old girl if she is a virgin!” he shouted. “You’re trying to help and you said, ‘wear something cute!'” According to The Michigan Insider, a branch of 247Sports that first reported the story, Yood is “not the subject of any records at the 15th District Court, located in Ann Arbor, or at the Washtenaw County Trial Court.” Shakur, 40, whose real name was Robert Lee, was shot and killed the night the video was first posted, according to Fox News. According to CNN, Lee was in a restaurant in Pontiac about 10:30 pm on Sep. 29th when he accused an 18-year-old man of being a pedophile. The situation “rapidly escalated” and Lee was shot. He later died in a hospital. Although Lee’s “one-man crusade has led to the arrest and criminal charges being filed against several men,” local police said at the time, “he has also mistakenly identified someone as a sexual predator who was not.”
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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