Unhinged MSNBC Contributor Vows to Investigate Elon Musk, Strip Him of US Citizenship if Possible

Ever since word broke back in the spring that mega billionaire Elon Musk was interested in buying the liberal playground of Twitter and taking away leftist toys, the tantrums have only been building. With Musk taking ownership on Friday, the storm has broken: B-list celebrities have indignantly, and foolishly, announced their departures (as if the world cared). Democratic lawmakers have been rumbling foolishly about a federal “investigation” (assuming something they don’t like simply must be illegal). But just about no one could have face-planted as well as liberal lawyer, commentator and – naturally — MSNBC contributor Dean Obeidallah, who used a series of Twitter posts on Monday to make an even bigger fool of himself than a leftist normally would. It started with Obeidallah’s announcement — with a bombastic tone reminiscent of Michael Avenatti attacking Donald Trump (before Avenatti became a convicted felon) — that Obeidallah was going to use his awesome powers as a lawyer to investigate Musk’s application for American citizenship and have that citizenship stripped if any discrepancy is found. Leave aside the fact that a liberal with a public voice has suddenly realized the United States is a sovereign country with the power to expel immigrants who don’t obey the law — as long as the immigrant in question isn’t one of the millions who’ve poured across the border in flagrant violation of U.S. law since President Joe Biden’s disastrous administration began. Obeidallah’s tweet did more than just expose the hypocrisy typical of the left, it exposed the proof that he might be better suited to MSNBC hackery than actual lawyering. In a follow-up tweet published an hour later, Obeidallah acknowledged he could not, in fact, investigate Musk’s citizenship without permission from Musk himself. (A better lawyer would have looked into the case a little more closely before making such a public announcement about going on the offensive.) Then Obeidallah had the effrontery to suggest that if Musk declined to make his information available for inspection by his avowed enemies it could only mean he had something to hide. That’s the kind of circular logic only a liberal could love. And the reaction on Twitter — that social media platform that Musk controls for a price of $44 billion — made it clear exactly how wrong Obeidallah really was. And then there was this: But this is about more than conservatives insulting the left, or having a sarcastic chuckle that liberals are finally caring about immigration now that one of their most public bullhorns has been taken over by a man who calls himself a “free speech absolutist.” [firefly_poll] It’s about seeing the totalitarian impulses on the left on full display. For years, Americans who paid attention have known that the Lords of Big Tech are openly engaged in supporting liberal politics. But this is different. This is a man with a public voice, with a radio show on Sirius XM, with regular appearances on MSNBC, suggesting an investigation aimed at stripping American citizenship from Elon Musk — a man who’s been an American citizen for two decades — simply because he disagrees with him politically. Liberals have made an annoying — and erroneous — habit of referring to conservatives as “fascists” in recent years. But few inclinations scream louder of “fascism” than a militant inability to tolerate views that run contrary to the ruling power. That’s what the unhinged Obeidallah is engaging in. It’s the impetus behind all of the liberal caterwauling surrounding Musk’s purchase of Twitter. And it’s gone way beyond the kind of tantrums that mark grade-school children (or progressive college students) who have finally realized they aren’t going to get their way in life all the time. It’s a war against the very idea of freedom, and for the left, the “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk is now the biggest enemy of all. Let’s hope their future attacks face-plant as badly as this one. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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