‘Unhinged’ Leftist Aggressively Confronts Republican Poll Greeter: ‘He Flew Into a Rage’

‘Unhinged’ Leftist Aggressively Confronts Republican Poll Greeter: ‘He Flew Into a Rage’

A Virginia progressive unleashed a profanity-laden tirade on a Republican poll greeter on Tuesday.

The middle-aged man repeatedly insulted Matthew Hurtt as Hurtt filmed the rant, which happened on Election Day in the D.C. suburb of Arlington.

“You might as well have been walking up to my head on the way to the polling station putting your gun to my head, trying to tell me how to vote,” the irate man claimed.

“You expect not to take that f***ing personally?” the man said. “You f***ing try to overthrow elections, and then you’re out here among decent people?”

The progressive extremist also appeared to utter implicit threats against the GOP activist.

“You try to steal my vote next year, I’m going to f***ing remember you personally,” he said.

The agitated man asked to photograph Hurtt, to which the Republican replied, “Yeah, you can. It’s a one-party consent state.”

“You want a f***ing one-party country, don’t you?” the man fired back, calling him a “s***bird.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

The Virginia Republican activist confirmed he was the creator of the video in a statement to the Washington Examiner’s Byron York.

Hurtt said the man’s tirade was their second interaction.

The activist had been offering voters sample Republican ballots so they would know the slate of GOP candidates up for election on Tuesday.

“I offered a Republican sample ballot, and he flew into a rage, calling me names, spouting the sort of tropes you hear in the video,” Hurtt said of the first conversation.

“I assumed he would come out afterwards and continue his verbal assault, so I turned on my phone camera and slid it into my shirt pocket,” he said.

The identity of the irate man wasn’t known early Tuesday afternoon.

All 140 seats in Virginia’s General Assembly are being contested in the off-year election, according to The Washington Post.

The election could determine whether Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has the political support to enact his legislative agenda in the commonwealth.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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