Twitter Note Reveals What’s Really in the Sick Book Chelsea Clinton Wants Children to Read

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea took to Twitter to advocate for children to be exposed to LGBT content, but she got a bit more than she bargained for when her tweet was slapped with a “community note” laying bare what she conveniently forgot to mention. On Thursday, Clinton tweeted her lament that many LGBT-themed books have been the target of “attempted book bans.” “Over 50% of the attempted book bans last year involved books with LGBTQ+ characters & themes. Books are a vital way that children, adolescents and adults learn about themselves and our world. Bans such as these are nothing but harmful,” she wrote. Her tweet linked to an NBC News story that featured a photo of the controversial book “Gender Queer: A Memoir.” But Twitter users swooped in with a community note clarifying just what sort of material Clinton is hoping to put in front of our children. “‘Gender Queer’, the book shown in the photo, features sexually explicit material. This book contains visual depictions of oral sex, masturbation and adult sexual contact with a minor,” the note said. Indeed, “Gender Queer” contains cartoon-style pornographic images depicting minors engaging in sex acts with other minors as well as with adults. (Several Twitter users posted graphic images of the sexual activity shown in the book. You can see them here and here, but be warned that they are truly objectionable and will be disturbing to some viewers.) “Gender Queer” was blasted at a Fairfax County school board meeting in 2021 by parent Stacy Langton, who called the book and others like it “absolute filth.” The book was removed from Fairfax County schools but was later quietly returned to shelves. This is the sort of book that Chelsea Clinton wants kids to have access to. And many Twitter users were thoroughly disgusted by it. These people are very openly calling for the sexual perversion of children. And in truth, none of these books is being “banned.” Removing a book from a school library that caters to kids is not banning it — the book is still widely available at other libraries and for purchase from any bookseller. What Chelsea Clinton and her ilk are arguing for is not an end to “book banning,” but the outright promulgation of gay and transgender pornography to America’s children. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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