Tucker Carlson Unveils ‘Secret’ Plans He’s Been Working On ‘for Months’

Tucker Carlson Unveils ‘Secret’ Plans He’s Been Working On ‘for Months’

Tucker Carlson has revealed his next move since being forced out at Fox News earlier this year.

The firebrand host took to X on Saturday to give an update and reveal the new site where he plans to post content.

“We’ve been out of work for seven or eight months now, hard to know,” Carlson began. “Time flies when you’re unemployed.”

“But actually, we have been working in secret.”

Carlson proceeded to say that he and his team have been producing “an awful lot of material for months now.”

And he told his supporters, “We’d love for you to see it.”

The site,, does not give a launch date for its content but states it is “just days away” from going live.

The cost to become a member of the site is $72 per year, with an additional month free if members join now.

Since Carlson left Fox, he has been posting to X and started “Tucker on X,” where he has been conducting interviews with prominent political figures.

In July, while speaking with comedian and actor Russell Brand, Carlson said he was not employed by X owner Elon Musk for his show on the platform.

“I don’t work for Elon [Musk]. He’s paid me zero money,” Carlson said. “I don’t think I ever want to work for anyone again.”

“I’d like to make money. I think that’s fair,” Carlson noted as he said he hasn’t made any money since he left Fox News.

He added, “But I’m not working for Elon Musk.”

“He hasn’t offered to hire me, and if he did I wouldn’t accept. … What he’s done is offer me what he’s offered every other user of Twitter, which is a chance to broadcast your views without a gatekeeper there.”

According to a June Axios article, Carlson was still being paid his Fox News salary, though Fox purportedly sent the host a cease-and-desist letter regarding his X show.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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