Tucker Carlson Says There Are Two Topics He’s Scared to Cover

Tucker Carlson Says There Are Two Topics He’s Scared to Cover

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on “Redacted with Clayton Morris” last week and shared some information about investigations that he seemed genuinely concerned about carrying forward — one of which probably surprised a good number of viewers.

After co-host Natali Morris — who spent years in the mainstream media with such publishers as the San Francisco Examiner and — mentioned that she was “scared” of being identified as a “kook” or of losing friendships as she pursues some lines of truth that the mainstream media prefers left alone, her husband, host Clayton Morris, asked Carlson straight out what stories scared him.

“Are there things that you’re scared to cover, you’re sitting there saying, ‘Wow, this is like, soul-crushing,’ like to the point where it really scares you in your soul,” he asked.

Carlson didn’t hesitate to answer: “There are two, yes,” he said.

“One is the 2020 election,” he said. “I think that I was far too dismissive of some of the claims made about it. And I think that there may be some merit to some of the wildest possible claims about that election.”

Carlson said he hadn’t proved anything about 2020, but that he was earlier more reluctant to believe some of the claims made about the election because, largely, of the people who were making the claims.

“You’re got a lot of lying around all political campaigns,” he explained, “so it’s very hard to know what’s true. And sometimes it takes years to figure it out.”

The second part of his answer was probably the less expected response — or at least it was to this writer.

“The second thing that bothers me is the UFO story,” Carlson said.

“The more you did into that and talk to people with knowledge, with actual knowledge … there are parts of that story that I do not understand at all, that are really, really, really dark. It’s so dark that I haven’t told my wife about it. ”

Again, Carlson said that he hadn’t verified some of the claims being made — which he did not elaborate on — and compared the UFO narrative to that of the 2020 election in that some of the claims have been outlandish and unproven, as well as having often been made by people with agendas of one sort or another.

However, that didn’t make all of them untrue, he said, and it wasn’t as if he was getting information “that I read on the internet.”

“There’s some stuff there that I’m like, man, I’m not ever sure what that means — there’s a spiritual component there that I don’t fully understand — so that story bothers me,” Carlson said.

It bothers him so much that Carlson — though a believer in truth and transparency — says he understands the instinct to cover up aspects of the truth about UFOs — if it’s true at all, of course — because he thinks “the public can’t deal with it.”

“It’s too far out,” he said. “The implications are too profound.”

You can watch the entire interview here; we’ve queued it up to start at the question asked above.

“These are real, whatever they are,” Carlson concluded. “They are not human. And the government has known that for a long time, possibly going back to the 1930s, at least.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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