Tucker Carlson Reveals How Fox News Really Felt About Jan. 6 Footage

Tucker Carlson Reveals How Fox News Really Felt About Jan. 6 Footage

Over seven months since getting booted from Fox News, conservative pundit Tucker Carlson revealed how his former employer really felt about the Jan. 6 footage that he showed on air.

In a podcast interview released Thursday, Carlson told host Roseanne Barr that Fox’s leadership “really didn’t like” his coverage of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion  because he said the so-called insurrection was a “set-up” and a “lie.”

“A bunch of people quit over that,” he said.

“They were so outraged because I said it seems like there were probably a lot of feds in the crowd on Jan. 6.”

“Oh yeah, buttloads,” Barr replied.

“And now it turns out, of course, there were way more than I even imagined,” Carlson continued.

“The whole thing was a complete set-up. The whole thing was a lie, and it was used to put people in prison for expressing their constitutionally protected rights.”

His comments come as more than 1,200 Americans who were tied back to the protests at the Capitol that day in 2021 have been arrested on various charges including alleged assault or destruction of government property, according to the Department of Justice.

In addition to his Jan. 6 reporting, Carlson disclosed that Fox “strongly disagreed” with him questioning the official narrative behind the Russia-Ukraine war on live television.

However, no one at the news network would tell him explicitly what he couldn’t say or discuss on his show.

So, when he asked for what lines he couldn’t cross in writing, his bosses refused to do so.

“I’d always say, write it down for me. Oh, I can’t say that? Send me a text, I’ve got a bad memory. Oh, I can’t be conservative on a conservative TV channel?” he said.


“Just write that down for me, if you would, just so I can have it as a reference point.”

He went on to clarify Fox was “very nice to me the entire time I was there,” despite their disagreements on his Jan. 6 and Ukraine coverage.

While initially surprised about being let go in late April, the commentator said that after  “taking three steps back,” he wasn’t surprised at all.

“First of all, television is like that. People get fired,” he said. “There are all kinds of lines that no one will explain explicitly.”


Carlson now hosts his own news show on X, where he has interviewed former President Donald Trump, “Daily Wire” host Candace Owens, and many others in the conservative space since the program’s launch in June.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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