Trump Suggests Controversial Photo of Him That Leftists Pounced on ‘Was AI’

Trump Suggests Controversial Photo of Him That Leftists Pounced on ‘Was AI’

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Teamsters union members in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, former President Donald Trump appeared not to have heard anything about the recent “controversy” caused by a picture of him that appeared to show red splotches of some sort on one of his hands.

Fox News’ Mark Meredith noted that “It looks like it’s better now,” and Trump responded, “My hand?”

Meredith asked what had caused the red spots that had been photographed and led to a number of unsavory theories on social media from Trump’s detractors, and the former president appeared to have no idea what he was talking about.

“You don’t want to tell us what happened with the hand?” Meredith asked.

“Nothing,” Trump insisted. “Maybe it’s AI.”

“After showing the exchange between Trump and Meredith on Fox News’ ‘America Reports,’ co-host Sandra Smith said: ‘Remarkable that he didn’t even know about all the speculation and coverage of those hands,'” Newsweek said, adding that it had reached out to the Trump campaign for further comment.


The Western Journal covered that speculation at the time and noted that later pictures of Trump’s hand seemed to disprove all of the theories.

Those theories ranged from the former president having injured himself in a fall to leprosy, as Newsweek noted.

There were also folks, presumably not Trump fans, who got the hashtag #SyphilisDon trending on X on the “evidence” of the one photo.

Business Insider did an entire article on the issue, interviewing a professor of dermatology who speculated that it was most likely Trump was suffering from some sort of rash.

“Dr. Joshua Zeichner, an associate professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, told Business Insider that Trump most likely had a rash — which could be caused by almost anything,” the outlet reported.

Zeichner suggested four possible causes for such a rash: dry hands, blisters from golf, lime juice … and the aforementioned “almost anything.”

“Unless the former president confirms what caused the marks, we may never actually know,” Business Insider concluded.

Based on Trump’s comments Wednesday, it appears that even he doesn’t know what happened — or at least that he’s not going to share the information if he does.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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