Trump Speaks with Better Command of Language Than Biden, Study Shows

Trump Speaks with Better Command of Language Than Biden, Study Shows

A new study looking at how President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump express themselves in their public comments is going to send the woke left over the bend as it found Trump has a better command of the English language than does Biden.

WordFinder said it compiled and analyzed speeches from a variety of global leaders based on the speakers’ vocabulary and lexical diversity (how many different words were used).

“Trump’s speeches have a 26.8% lexical diversity, while Biden’s has a 25.8% — a below-average uniqueness among other leaders,” it said.

At 81 years old, the president frequently fails to speak coherently.

Meanwhile, Trump is known for peppering his language with terms of magnitude, such as “huge,” “great,” “massive” and “bigly.” (The last one came when he was speaking too quickly while attempting to say “big league,” as Politico reported back in 2016.)

But if liberals want to get all “wee weed up” (as Barack Obama once said) over that, one has to wonder how they explain the near-daily mumbling, malapropisms and slurring employed by their guy in the White House.

In its report on the survey, the Washington Examiner had a telling notation.

“Both Trump and Biden use the word ‘people’ most, though one of Biden’s favorites is ‘president,’ as if he has to remind us often that he is in charge,” it said. Ouch. That stings.

Recall what WordFinder said. Biden’s lexical diversity is “a below-average uniqueness among other leaders.” Not just worse than Trump. Worse than just about everyone.

“Similarly, Elon Musk, known for his transformative impact on technology and space exploration, displayed a lexical diversity of about 22%. This relatively low word variance could suggest a focused and consistent use of language in their communications,” WordFinder explained.

At the bottom of the world leader rankings was Pakistan’s Imran Khan at 19.2 percent.

So, who fared the best in the survey?

“Topping our list was Ales Bialiatski, a Belarusian human rights activist whose lexical diversity reached an impressive 56.2%. This means that more than half of the words in his speeches were unique, indicating a richly varied use of language in advocating for human rights,” WordFinder said.

“We found Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, had the second-highest diversity score (46.4%) among the international leaders studied. He also used ‘think’ in his speeches more than any other word,” the group said.

The Examiner’s Paul Bedard added that WordFinder determined that former Vice President Al Gore ranked high for his “lexical diversity” and wide vocabulary.

“Many consider Gore a boring speaker, but his word diversity is great, at 42%. And no surprise for the global warming advocate, he uses the word ‘fossil’ the most,” Bedard noted.

Regardless, one can’t rank Joe Biden very highly for his speech-making abilities.

However, he’d likely be among the leaders if the criteria were lies and plagiarized passages.

In a separate article, Bedard pointed out last month the 17 times Biden lied, plagiarized or exaggerated during his addresses to the American people.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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