Trump Jr. Skewers New York City as He Exits Courthouse, Says ‘They’ll Be Begging for Guys Like Donald Trump’ to Return

Trump Jr. Skewers New York City as He Exits Courthouse, Says ‘They’ll Be Begging for Guys Like Donald Trump’ to Return

When the regulators turn into persecutors, even a great city is on its way down.

Former President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., made some solid points on Monday when he walked out of a Manhattan courtroom after testifying in the civil fraud trial of his father, family and their company.

“The implications … for any businesses trying to operate in and around New York are truly staggering but that shouldn’t surprise anyone, based on everything that we’ve seen coming out of this attorney general,” Trump Jr. said.

“It’s just a really sad state of affairs for New York, again, where there is no actual person complaining other than the attorney general herself,” he said.

“I would think that this would set a precedent to make it impossible for anyone to actually do business in or around New York City. But based on everything else I’ve seen in New York, it doesn’t seem like they care,” he added.

Trump Jr. is right, of course.

The precedents being set by politically motivated prosecutions like the one brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James will give pause to any business looking to operate in or around New York City.

Thriving business and economic opportunity benefit society as a whole, lifting more people out of poverty than any government program ever could.

A 2016 report in the New York Post by veteran columnist Steve Cuozzo recounts the story of how Trump helped save New York City in the 1980s and 1990s.

Trump transformed neglected and decaying neighborhoods like the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Columbus Circle, and the financial district through major development projects, Cuozzo reported. He built high-end residential towers, hotels, retail complexes, and office buildings in areas many had written off.

He restored faded landmarks like the Commodore Hotel, Wollman Rink in Central Park, and 40 Wall Street. His renovations helped revitalize these sites and the areas around them.

Trump pioneered mixed-use projects that combined residential, hotel, office, and retail spaces. Trump Tower was an early model for this.

He brought high-end amenities and elite residential offerings to neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, drawing wealthy residents. Projects like Trump Plaza introduced new luxury to the area.

Trump brought back confidence in New York real estate and faith in the city’s future when the city was at a low point. His willingness to invest helped lead a broader revival.

He changed the face of Fifth Avenue by building Trump Tower when other luxury retailers were abandoning the area. This helped the avenue regain its upscale luster.

Trump took risks on neighborhoods and concepts when few others would, helping lead the rehabilitation of a declining New York City.

After how New York has treated one of its greatest residents, who will want to do business in this city now?

“Hopefully, one day the people of this great city will realize what is going on. They’ll realize the destructive practices here — they’ll realize just how insane that is and they’ll be begging for guys like Donald Trump to come back to New York City to reshape the skyline as he’s done for decades,” Trump Jr. said as he turned to walk away.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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