Trump Jr. Addresses the Death of His Aunt After Exiting New York Courtroom

Donald Trump has broken the silence regarding the death of former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry — but not the Donald Trump most were probably expecting to hear from. Donald Trump Jr. briefly addressed the death of his aunt, who was found in her Manhattan apartment Monday morning. The former president’s son spoke with reporters on Monday outside a New York courtroom, where he is testifying in one of the many cases brought against the father. (The Manhattan civil trial, spearheaded by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accuses the former president and his Trump Organization of fraud.) Donald Trump Jr. talked about Barry during a court recess. He covered a number of topics related to the civil case with vintage Trumpian bombast. But there was a noticeable change in demeanor in tone when Trump was asked about Barry. “Any comment about your aunt, sir?” an unseen reporter blurted out after his blistering monologue. “Yeah,” a suddenly much more weary Trump answered. “Obviously, a little bit of a rough day, but I still got to deal with this [civil suit]. You got to keep doing it. “That’s the nature of all this. But no, it’s a rough day for myself, my family. I was very close with, especially, her grandson, and it’s … the day … “But at this stage in our lives, it’s just another day.”
Trump ended the quick Q-and-A session by telling reporters that he didn’t expect to be in court Tuesday. Barry, the older sister of the former president, was 86. She was a federal judge in New Jersey and was long considered Donald Trump’s “protector,” according to The New York Times. However, their relationship frayed toward the end of his presidency. The Washington Post reported in August 2020 that Barry derided her brother in secretly recorded audio clips, saying Trump was “cruel” and “has no principles.” Trump had not publicly commented on her death as of Tuesday morning.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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