Trump Fires Off Forceful Message Just Before Testifying in Court

Former President Donald Trump lambasted President Joe Biden Monday for instigating the legal onslaught with which he’s been having to contend. Trump testified in a Manhattan courtroom Monday in the civil fraud suit being brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James against the former president. James’ office claims that the Trump Organization overvalued its business properties in order to get more favorable loans, which Trump has denied. “Getting ready to head to the Downtown Lower Manhattan Courthouse to testify in one of the many cases that were instigated and brought by my POLITICAL OPPONENT, Crooked Joe Biden, through agencies and surrogates, for purposes of ELECTION INTERFERENCE,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “This is the first time this method of cheating in an election has been so blatantly used in the USA as a POLITICAL WEAPON! Mostly done in Third World Countries,” he added. “Got a really Biased, Nasty, Club controlled, but often overturned, Judge, a Racist, Evil, and Corrupt Attorney General, BUT A CASE THAT, ACCORDING TO ALMOST ALL LEGAL SCHOLARS, HAS ZERO MERIT. A dark day for our Country. WITCH HUNT!” Trump concluded. Before testifying Monday, Trump told reporters that his company’s financial statements were “very conservative,” adding “So therefore there’s no fraud.” Further, the former president explained his property valuations have a “big disclaimer clause” instructing would-be lenders to do their own due diligence to determine what they believe the assets are worth. “This is a railroading that is all coming out of the Department of Justice,” Trump charged. “It’s all set up by Biden and his thugs that he’s surrounded with to try to sneak out an election victory that he’s not entitled to win because he’s been the worst president in the history of our country.” Coming out of the courtroom after testifying, Trump was pleased with comments by New York Justice Arthur Engoron presiding over the case regarding the statute of limitations having already run on many of the charges brought by James. “Well, I think that was very good,” he said. “That last five minutes was outstanding because the judge essentially conceded that the statute of limitations that we won at the court of appeals is in effect. Therefore about 80 percent of the case is over.” Trump attorney Clifford Robert elaborated saying, “So based on the judge’s comments at the end of the hearing at the end of the trial today, it would appear that he is agreeing that all of the transactions that closed prior to 2014 are now out of the case.” An appeals court ruled in June that the statute of limitations for the case is set at 2014, the New York Post reported. James’ lawsuit looks to the years 2011 to 2021 to seek to prove the Trump Organization lied on its financial statements. “There’s no case here. There are no victims. The banks aren’t a victim. The insurance companies aren’t a victim. Everybody got paid,” Trump said. The Republican concluded, “The attorney general of this state is a disgrace. Letitia James is a disgrace to our country and to the state of New York. She should focus on all of the violent crimes and the murder going on in New York, not on somebody who paid back the banks in full without a default and in many cases paid them back early.” In addition to James’ civil suit, Trump is facing 91 felony indictments brought by Biden Justice Department-appointed special counsel Jack Smith, as well as Democratic prosecutors in New York City and Fulton County, Georgia.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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