Trump Draws a Line in the Sand, Pens Op-Ed Vowing to Invoke 225-Year-Old Law

Trump Draws a Line in the Sand, Pens Op-Ed Vowing to Invoke 225-Year-Old Law

Former President Donald Trump penned a candid and timely opinion piece for the Des Moines Register published Wednesday, less than two weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

While he targeted voters in the first election of this year’s Republican presidential primary race, Trump’s words applied to every American.

The GOP front-runner laid out the first day of his second term if he were voted back into office, and made it clear President Joe Biden’s border policies would be on the chopping block.

“The most urgent task facing the next president is to end Joe Biden’s nation-wrecking nightmare on our southern border. I am the only candidate who will stop this invasion — and I will do it on day one,” Trump wrote.

“On my first day back in office, I will terminate every open borders policy of the Biden administration and immediately restore the full set of strong Trump border policies,” he said.

The former president said he’d couple this with a mass deportation program.

“The millions of illegal aliens who have invaded under Biden require a record number of removals,” Trump said.

One tool he vowed to use in this effort is a law passed in 1798.

“I also will invoke the Alien Enemies Act to remove known or suspected gang members, drug dealers, or cartel members from the United States,” the former president wrote.

He first announced his intention to employ the 18th-century law during the Lincoln Day Dinner in Detroit on June 25, according to NBC News.

Actions like those Trump promised on “day one” can’t come soon enough. The border invasion has increased to catastrophic levels under Biden.

According to Fox News, U.S. Customs and Border Protection registered more than 302,000 encounters with illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. southern border in December alone.

As Trump noted in his Op-Ed, Biden “came in, canceled the border wall, ended Remain in Mexico, ripped up my asylum bans, ended Title 42, and began resettling millions of migrants into American communities at taxpayer expense.”

As family budgets were already being strained by Biden’s failed policies, inflation and redistribution of wealth to Ukraine, extra mouths gobbling up what was left was hardly what we needed.

We need to reverse this ASAP.

Catch-and-release policies must be put back into place. Millions of illegal aliens who entered this nation under Biden should be sent home. The “Remain in Mexico” policy and asylum bans should be re-enacted. The building of the border wall must resume.

The honest, hard-working people of this nation are being overwhelmed by a tsunami of illegal immigration enabled by corrupt officials who care nothing for the rule of law and want to destroy the fabric of America.

Conservatives must fight to save it — and Trump’s plan for “day one” would be a great start.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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