Trump Claims Media Using Slimy Trick to Make His Rallies Look Empty

Trump Claims Media Using Slimy Trick to Make His Rallies Look Empty

Former President Donald Trump torched the “Lamestream Media” on Wednesday, claiming they’re lying about the massive crowds at his exuberant campaign rallies.

Images shared online from some of his events this year showed empty seats.

However, in a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump said the “fake news” media are trying to trick people into believing the arenas aren’t full.

“Many times when I’m making a Speech, which are always sold out with lots of people not being able to get into the Arena or Venue, the Fake News will watch people come down from the rafters (bad seats) onto the floor — nearer the stage,” the leading 2024 presidential candidate said.

“As soon as this happens, the Lamestream Media starts taking pictures of these once fully occupied areas and seats, and then come out with a story — ‘Trump Arena wasn’t full’ or, ‘Trump didn’t have a Sellout’— When they know that is not true. They say it without fail!”

The 45th president said his events always draw outsized crowds because of his pro-America platform.

“The fact is, thousands of people get sent away, we never have empty seats, because we’re selling a product people want — AMERICAN GREATNESS!” he said. “This is a Movement like none other, and the Failing Media should get on board now.

“Our Country needs it, and they need it because their lack of credibility is causing many News Organizations to fail. They’re going out of business because they don’t tell the truth.”

Given the sordid history of the establishment media and their bogus “fact checks,” the actions Trump described are exactly what many would expect from them.

The reality is that the former president still has millions of avid supporters. In fact, multiple polls show him beating President Joe Biden in the general election if he wins the GOP primary race.

It’s ironic that the establishment media would nitpick over crowd size at Trump rallies given the embarrassingly anemic attendance at most Biden campaign events.

As we approach the start of the New Year and the first votes of the 2024 election cycle, we cannot lose focus on what we’re fighting for. It’s not about crowd size or polling popularity, but the existential struggle of a flailing nation.

Crippling inflation, daily border invasions, rising geopolitical conflicts and terrifying crime waves have become the hallmarks of Biden’s destructive presidency.

The doddering Democrat has to go.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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