Trump Can’t Help but Wince as He Talks About Kamala Harris: ‘It’s Weird, the Whole Thing Is Weird’

Former President Donald Trump lampooned Vice President Kamala Harris, saying she’s almost as unintelligible as her doddering boss because of her cringeworthy, childlike diction. Trump made the biting observation while speaking to former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who posted the interview on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, on Wednesday. “She has some bad moments,” the GOP front-runner in the 2024 presidential race said of Harris’ mountain of embarrassing gaffes. “Her moments are almost as bad as his. I think his are worse actually.” Carlson agreed. “She seems pretty senile too.” Trump said while wincing: “She speaks in rhyme. It’s weird. It’s weird. But she has bad moments.” An amused Carlson asked, “In rhyme?” The former president then mocked Harris’ infantile, sing-song speaking style. “Well, the way she talks,” Trump said. “‘The bus will go here, and then the bus will go there because that’s what buses do.’ “It’s weird. The whole thing is weird. This is not a president of the United States’ future.” The 45th president’s amusing impersonation caused Carlson to laugh out loud. (The discussion about Harris starts around the 12:20 mark in the video below.) Trump is correct: Harris‘ vice presidency is a total joke, and her incompetence is obvious to anyone who’s being honest. In June, the California Democrat had the lowest approval rating of any vice president in American history. She embarrasses herself — and this nation — with her nonstop stream of egregious blunders and the fact that she has no concrete achievement to point to that justifies her taxpayer-funded position. In a scathing June commentary headlined “Kamala Harris Is Totally Incompetent,” former congressional staffer Brandon Weichert said the vice president is a drag on Biden’s embattled presidency. [firefly_poll] “She was supposed to be the safety valve on Joe Biden’s otherwise uncertain presidency,” Weichert wrote. “Yet, she has turned out to be a burden and a liability for the forty-sixth president — and that’s saying a lot, considering how awful the Biden administration has been.” Weichert noted that Harris has failed in her primary task as Biden’s No. 2, which is to appeal to minority voters. “Harris is loathed among African-American males, for example,” he observed. “Vice President Kamala Harris is not only highly disliked by the voters, but she has the dishonorable distinction of being less liked by voters than former Vice President Dick Cheney was at the height of the George W. Bush administration’s unpopularity,” Weichert said. Horace Cooper, a senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, expressed similar sentiments. Cooper, who is black, said Harris discredits the very demographic groups she’s supposed to represent. “It’s remarkable that this president is setting back the quality-and-talent perspective Americans have on blacks and on women,” he said on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” in April. “He has managed to pick some of the worst choices in very, very critical positions.” He continued: “What [leftists] shouldn’t do is the shameful thing of saying, if you and I see what is obvious for everyone to see, that this is the most incompetent vice president that this country has ever had — if we say that, that that’s somehow ‘anti-woman’ or ‘anti-black.'”
Cooper agrees with the growing legion of political commentators who believe that Harris is dead weight for Biden‘s re-election bid. “This president is heading into a re-election with some of the lowest approval numbers we have seen,” he said. “But guess whose numbers are worse? Kamala Harris’!” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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