Trump Campaign Fires Back Against CNN’s ‘Panic Mode’ Report: ‘Fake News’

Trump Campaign Fires Back Against CNN’s ‘Panic Mode’ Report: ‘Fake News’

Donald Trump is in panic mode because he can’t get the $464 million bond to appeal his New York fraud case.

Trump associates are running in circles, Trump Tower maintenance workers are reinforcing windows on the 58-story landmark to keep members of Team Trump from jumping to Fifth Avenue below, the former president is taking handfuls of anti-depressants!

It’s a panic, I tell you. A PANIC!

But not true. All of the above is fake news, of course.

But that is how CNN’s Kaitlan Collins is describing Trump.

“Former President Donald Trump is in panic mode as the deadline approaches to secure a half-billion-dollar bond to appeal his civil fraud case in New York, according to multiple sources familiar with his thinking,” Collins wrote on Tuesday.

OK. I assume Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung is familiar with Trump’s thinking. What would his response be?

“These baseless innuendos are pure bulls*** and fake news,” Cheung retorted in a statement, according to The Hill.

“President Trump has filed a motion to stay the unjust, unconstitutional, un-American judgment from New York Judge Arthur Engoron in a political Witch Hunt brought by a corrupt Attorney General,” Cheung continued.

“A bond of this size would be an abuse of the law, contradict bedrock [principles] of our Republic, and fundamentally undermine the rule of law in New York. President Trump will continue fighting and beating all of these Crooked Joe Biden-directed hoaxes and will Make America Great Again.”

While it’s true that Trump is facing a ludicrous bond, somehow the word “panic” doesn’t seem to apply to someone like The Donald.

It might join a phrase CNN and others have used to describe the left’s schemes to take Trump down. You’ll recognize it: “The walls are closing in.”

How often have we heard that? It’s media speak for “Finally! We’ve almost got him!”

Witness the headline on a CNN opinion piece written by Frida Ghitis in 2018: “The walls are closing in on Trump.”

Then there’s S.E. Cupp staring into the CNN camera six years ago with her most solemn TV anchor expression. “The walls,” she intoned, “are closing in.”


“It seems every day now a new facet of President Trump’s life — both personal and public — is being scrutinized for legal, ethical, even criminal wrongdoing, the breadth of which is really unseen in modern political history,” Cupp said.

Funnily enough, another CNN report from the same year has a nearly identical title on YouTube. This time it’s “Walls are closing in on Trump” instead of “The walls are closing in on Trump.”

Erin Burnett didn’t disappoint, assuring the audience that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was getting closer to nailing the president.

But the walls may be closing in on CNN.

If Trump wins the 2024 election, it’ll be the end of the world as they know it — again.

If he loses, there may be a repeat of 2021, when the network hemorrhaged viewers after Trump left office.

Is that cause for panic?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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