Trucker Exits Cab to Investigate Strange Issue, Instantly Recognizes He Needs to Run

Trucker Exits Cab to Investigate Strange Issue, Instantly Recognizes He Needs to Run

A video of a trucker shared by ABC News is getting plenty of attention on the social media platform X.

The video shows an Ohio truck driver driving his semi across a railroad track in Versailles, Ohio, Feb. 7, when the vehicle was suddenly stopped by the railroad gate hitting the top of his cab and then falling between the cab and the trailer.

The driver got out of the truck to investigate and then, realizing what was happening, ran from the immediate area of the tracks before an oncoming train collided with his cab.


The video was originally published to Storyful, a platform for content creators and citizen journalists owned by News Corp., the parent company of The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and other news outlets.

The man who recorded it was identified as Isaiah Vanderhorst, who told Storyful he caught the collision purely by chance.

“I was filming a train with an engine that had a special paint scheme on it, from a distance in the parking lot of a bank, when a semi had pulled onto the track too far, and was hit by an oncoming train,” he said in the Storyful post.

The Village of Versailles EMS reported on Facebook that, though the collision left a huge debris field, all “occupants of the semi and train were accounted for and uninjured.”

And truly, this man caught a major break that he wasn’t closer when the train hit.

It wasn’t clear why the unidentified truck driver apparently didn’t hear the train coming or see the railroad gates descending, but it is clear that he was lucky to be alive.

Most social media reaction wasn’t very sympathetic.

Now, destroying your truck because you missed the railroad crossing gate is not most people’s idea of a good day at work, but at least he understood what was happening in time to get out of the way.


He can at least be grateful that it was only his truck that was destroyed, and not himself, or anyone else who was nearby at the time.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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