Transgender Allegedly Exposed Himself to Schoolkids and Made a Deadly Threat – Then Police Lose All Patience

This week’s edition of police “brutalizing” an innocent minority was the left’s latest example of why Western culture is irredeemably biased against “protected” classes of people – until it wasn’t. Reports and videos began circulating of a “transgender woman” who was roughed up pretty good by police in Milan, Italy, for being guilty of being different, or at least, that’s what some on Twitter and social media were told. A video of a beating at the hands of cops understandably went viral. But the clip was reportedly missing some crucial context as it turned out the “victim” had allegedly been exposing his penis to children and also threatened to infect them with the AIDS virus. The video doesn’t show those allegations, but it does show Italian police officers taking some pretty good swings at the person:

WARNING: The following video contains content the viewer may find disturbing

Plenty of people on Twitter were quick to to defend the alleged predator: According to the feminist news outlet Reduxx, the “woman” was actually a Brazilian man. The outlet reported officers were called to the Istituto Comprensivo Casa Del Sole primary school Wednesday just after 8 a.m. local time over complaints he had exposed himself and made the threats. The man was taken into custody, where it is alleged he used hairpins in the back of a police car in an attempt to cut himself. From there, per the report, he vowed to use his blood to “infect everyone” with AIDS. Then, the trans perp faked an injury in the back of the car, which prompted officers to stop to check on him. He then shoved an officer and made a run for it. He didn’t get far, as the video clearly shows. Given all of that, is it still fair to call the police response “excessive”? What else were these cops supposed to do based on what little is known? A crazed vagrant was threatening to spread communicable diseases, flashing his genitals to children, and physically assaulting police officers. Would it have been better for the police to gently hug the offender before letting him loose with a pat on the back? The officers on the video are reportedly under investigation by far-left prosecutors and have been placed on leave by Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala. To be clear, we don’t know all the facts. But even if the allegations against the unnamed man are all true, it isn’t likely they left would turn on him. The LGBT mafia is demanding unquestioned tolerance to its agenda in this country and across Europe. Given how obsessed these people are with forcing children to attend their drag shows, this guy could probably plead guilty, serve a prison sentence in Italy and then fly to the U.S. where he would promptly be given a job at Target. The most heartbreaking part of this story is not that people are defending a man accused of exposing his private parts to kids. It’s that those reactions are not the least bit surprising. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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