Trans HS Volleyball Player Gives Female Competitor Concussion, Ending Her Final Season Early: Report

Trans HS Volleyball Player Gives Female Competitor Concussion, Ending Her Final Season Early: Report

A California high school volleyball player’s season is finished after she suffered an injury competing against a transgender athlete.

The girl’s father — speaking to Reduxx and identified only as “Luis” — recounted seeing one unusual player during an October match at Half Moon Bay High School in San Mateo County.

“From a distance it seemed like a boy dressed in a girl’s volleyball uniform,” Luis said.

Reduxx identified the player as Aaron Lester.

Luis described his unspoken objections to a male teen competing against his 17-year-old daughter.

“I told my wife that this was not fair. I felt frustrated that, in an indirect way, I was now supporting someone’s gender confusion. To boot, they were now playing against my daughter and her teammates.”

The father soon witnessed his daughter being led away from the volleyball court with a head injury.

“[Another parent] turned to me and said, ‘Did you see that? She was hit by that boy?'”

Luis’ daughter had suffered a blow to the head from a volleyball spiked by her male opponent.

“I had missed the actual hit, but felt the weight of everyone staring at me, including the opposing team,” Luis said.

Luis’ daughter won’t return to the volleyball court this season, having been diagnosed with a concussion.

“She was playing for fun, and this was her final year doing it. She felt robbed. I felt deflated and powerless,” Luis said.

“At what point does someone’s gender dysphoria cross the empathy boundary? In my case … my daughter was injured.”

Luis said he scheduled a meeting with school district officials but was told nothing could be done to keep males out of girls’ sports. He has now joined “a group of concerned parents looking to push change on a local level,” Reduxx reported.


In a statement to Reduxx, a representative of the Independent Council on Women’s Sports blamed California Gov. Gavin Newsom for “allowing boys to cause brain injuries and take opportunities from girls in sports.”

“The Governor dismisses situations like this girl’s career-ending injury as unimportant to him,” the representative said.

“[Newsom] believes the well-being of ‘so few’ boys is paramount when measured next to safety and fairness for girls. These boys are ‘Gavin’s Golden Boys.’ They are allowed to do whatever they want and girls are acceptable collateral damage.”

“It’s time to stand up, speak up, and sue. Putting girls at known increased risk and stealing their opportunities is unethical.”

The participation of males in girls’ high school sports has resulted in injury to female competitors before.

One female volleyball player in North Carolina suffered severe head and neck injuries last year from a ball hit by a trans player. Her school district subsequently decided to forfeit all future matches against the male athlete.

Last month, a male playing on a girls’ field hockey team in Massachusetts struck an opponent in the face with a ball, reportedly knocking her teeth out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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