The Toxicology Report for the 3 Dead Chiefs Fans Is In

The Toxicology Report for the 3 Dead Chiefs Fans Is In

Initial toxicology reports on three men who died at a friend’s house in early January after coming by to watch a Kansas City Chiefs game indicate cocaine, THC and fentanyl were found in the victims, according to news reports.

David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney and Ricky Johnson were found dead in the backyard of the house on Jan. 9. On Jan. 7, they had gone to the home of Jordan Willis to watch a Kansas City Chiefs football game.

Multiple media outlets reported that the initial toxicology reports were in, but as of Friday morning, police had not officially released the results.

In a series of posts on social media platform X, NewsNation correspondent Alex Caprariello said the three substances were found, based on information from family members.

“Cocaine and other illicit substances discovered in early toxicology reports for #KansasCity3 detectives tell victim’s families. Working to obtain a copy of the report,” he wrote in one post.

“A family member, who asked to remain anonymous, tells me cocaine, fentanyl and THC showed up in the preliminary results. The family source says level 10 fentanyl is enough to kill. The #KansasCity3 were at level 30,” he wrote in another post.

“This has now been backed up and confirmed by a second, separate family source,” he added in another post.

Caprariello said in a video clip on YouTube that the amount of drugs found was “well beyond the lethal dosage.”

TMZ reported on information it received from sources it did not name that the three substances were found in the men. TMZ did not go into detail about the levels of the substances.

It is uncertain when — or whether — the reports will be officially released.

“There have been no additional details of this case revealed to any media, nor are there any plans to at this time. The case remains an ongoing death investigation,” a police representative said, according to WDAF-TV.

The station reported that autopsy results could be several weeks away.

Fox News reported that, based on a source it did not name, Willis has entered rehab, although specifics were not disclosed.


“After the shocking loss of three of his close friends under extremely tragic circumstances, Jordan recognized that he had a problem with addiction,” the source said.

Fox reported the source as saying Willis was “facing his addiction head-on” and that the death of his friends was an “enormous, heartbreaking wake-up call.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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