Texas Democrat Says He Can’t Go to Store, Church Without Hearing About Biden’s Border Failure

Texas Democrat Says He Can’t Go to Store, Church Without Hearing About Biden’s Border Failure

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar is sick and tired of facing questions about President Joe Biden’s massive border crisis failures and says he hears about the problems every single day.

In a Tuesday interview with NewsNation, Cuellar said that Biden has ghosted him for nearly a year because Biden and his handlers know that Cuellar’s 28th Congressional District lies right on the border with Mexico and the congressman knows just how bad it all is for his constituents.

Cuellar went on to blast the Biden administration for losing a portion of the narrative by neglecting to play up how many people they are deporting.

The congressman says that using Title 8, a section of the U.S. immigration code that deals with deportation, the U.S. could possibly warn off other border crossers and prove to the American people that something is being done about the border crisis.

“You got to know how to use Title 8 — that is, you detain eight people, don’t let them in and then you deport people, and you show videos,” Cuellar said, according to The Hill. “All we do is see people coming in, but we don’t see any messages of people or videos of people going back.”

Consequently, he said he is pushing for more funding to go to deportation efforts.

While “eight people” is a far cry from the literally millions who need to actually be deported, Cuellar is right that Biden isn’t even doing that much.

Cuellar added that the failure to deport in convincing numbers has become just another “pull factor” causing illegals to think they can come here illegally and without repercussions.

The representative said illegals “feel that they can get to the border, go to New York, go somewhere else and wait five years, maybe give a wrong address” and then become automatically legal.

Cuellar said he favors tougher measures to stop illegal immigration and noted that his father, who was born in Guerrero, Mexico, followed a “legal pathway” to become a legal U.S. citizens, but now “too many people jump the line.”

That “line-jumping” is causing “resentment” even among Hispanics legally residing in the U.S.

“There’s a resentment … growing among Hispanics and Democrats, because they followed the law and now we’re seeing people just jump the line and end up in New York and other places,” he said.

In fact, Cuellar told NewsNation that he is getting an earful nearly every day from his own Democrat voters in Texas about the border crisis.

“My district is about 80 percent Hispanic Democratic, and guess what? When I go to church or when I go to the store, what are people telling me?” Cuellar explained. “‘Henry, you got to secure the border. We got to do something.'”

All this, Cuellar said, is “absolutely” hurting Biden’s re-election chances.

The crisis grows worse by the day. On Tuesday it was reported that the single-day border crossing record had been shattered with more than 12,600 encounters in just one day. And those are the ones the immigration authorities caught.

When even Democrats — and Hispanic ones at that — are saying that Biden has failed on the border and they want measures to reverse his border crisis, you have to know how bad it has really gotten.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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