Teen Punk Allegedly Shoots Unarmed Maintenance Man, Soon Finds Out He Picked the Wrong One: Report

If you’re a teenage punk allegedly looking to rob a repairman (or anyone, for that matter), be forewarned: Your weapon might not be enough to keep you safe, even if you’re the only one armed. According to the Lake & McHenry County Scanner, a Waukegan, Illinois, maintenance man was shot during an attempted robbery on Tuesday, but managed to fight back using the suspect’s own weapon. The outlet reported that, at a little before 11 in the morning Tuesday, both the Waukegan Police Department and Waukegan Fire Department responded to a call at an apartment complex over reports of a shooting. When first responders arrived, they found that two men were shot — one aged 17, the other aged 20. Both the 17-year-old and the 20-year-old were shot in the thigh, according to a police report. The teen was found inside an apartment at the complex, while the maintenance man was found behind the building, on the ground by the dumpster. First aid was given to both gunshot victims before paramedics could arrive on the scene. A picture of what allegedly happened began to emerge as the maintenance man talked with officers. According to him, the 17-year-old had tried to rob him with the pistol. However, he fought back. He was able to gain control of the gun, shooting the suspect in the process. The police report also had a witness report that backed up that version of events, saying they saw a struggle for the firearm which ended with both men being wounded. Police said a gun was recovered from the area, with a second gun being recovered from the suspect’s apartment. The incident is currently under investigation. Waukegan, a suburb of Chicago with a population of just under 90,000, has seen a fair share of high-profile armed robberies in recent months. In July, a man died after he was shot during an armed robbery in the city and crashed his car into a building trying to get away. Two men were charged in that incident, according to the Scanner. In September, another alleged armed robbery made headlines in the city; the Scanner reported that a man was hit over the head and grabbed by the neck during the theft. In Tuesday’s case, however, the maintenance man apparently had not only wits, but the reaction time to grab the gun from his assailant and turn it back on him. However, it’s also a helpful reminder that there’s an easier way to defend oneself from an armed robbery than turning someone else’s gun on them: Having your own gun to turn on them. That’s why we have the Second Amendment, and making free and responsible use of it can preclude crimes like this from happening in the first place — or drastically improve your chances of getting out alive if they do happen.
    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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