Ted Cruz Needs Just a Single Word to Take Down Rolling Stone’s Pathetic Attack on Him

A leftist publication saw their attack on Sen. Ted Cruz fall flat when he responded to their article with a single word. On Sunday, Rolling Stone published an article describing Cruz’s attack on President Joe Biden for refusing to negotiate with Republicans regarding the debate over the debt ceiling. The article also noted that Cruz took aim at young White House staffers, who he believes are actually the ones in control at the White House, saying, “These are little Marxists with no experience in the real world.” Rolling Stone then noted drew attention to that statement in the caption of their tweet about the article. Rolling Stone obviously thought that they had a great way to make Cruz look bad. Unfortunately for them, however, it backfired. First, it is important to note that Cruz’s statement is completely true. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Biden and the Democrats are engaged in a worrying trend of hiring staffers with no experience in the private sector. Also, Cruz took down the article by doubling down on his attack on the staffers, tweeting in response to the article “true.” Many people on Twitter agreed with Cruz, saying that his attack on the White House staffers for lacking any experience was 100 percent accurate. If this article was meant to make the senator look bad, it very obviously failed. It seems as if the liberal media is always trying to write hit pieces on prominent conservatives with the intent of destroying their reputation. But all this ends up doing is making people like them more. Take a look at Tucker Carlson. Days after his firing, Media Matters revealed tapes of Tucker that were meant to make him look bad, but all they ended up doing was making him more likable. Also, where is the lie that Cruz spoke? As mentioned earlier, there isn’t one, and everyone knows it. The media seems obsessed with going after famous conservatives, but they are starting to really become desperate, and are grasping at straws, seemingly oblivious to the fact that all this does is enhance the public image of conservatives. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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