Target Shopper Orders 3 ‘Queer’ Books, Furious When She Realizes What They Sent Her Instead

Target Shopper Orders 3 ‘Queer’ Books, Furious When She Realizes What They Sent Her Instead

God truly works in mysterious ways.

What many would consider a sign from the Lord is being taken as a slight against an LGBT supporter who ordered 3 “queer” books from Target. Instead, she received a Bible in the mail.

The purchaser took to social media to share the great injustice of being given God’s word where she claimed the mistake was done intentionally by an employee.

Liv, TikTok handle @fooddaddy11, said in her video “When I opened my package, I got the Bible. That is what I got. I ordered three queer books,” according to Daily Dot.

“One was an in-store pickup, the other two were supposed to be delivered, and I got the Bible, which should never happen to anybody because it is a freedom of speech and all that type of stuff,” she continued.

The enraged shopper then claimed that she’d previously worked at Target and that it would have been nearly impossible for the situation to occur.

“Now here’s the fun fact about Target: the person that decided to send this to me — I used to work for Target for three-and-a-half years, I know how ship-from-store and order pickup works,” she ranted.

“You have your Zebra, you scan out a cart, you literally go and you’re basically following this Zebra to the location in the store or warehouse to pick that item, scan it out of the box.

“Your barcodes have to match to then scan it into the cart to make the order actually happen and process it properly,” she said.

@fooddaddy11 @target please do better! You talk about diversity and equality in your mission statement, this should have never happened. @ACLU of Pennsylvania #queerbooktok #queerbook #lgbtqplus #target #fyp #foryou #makethisgoviral #queerrights #queerrightsarehumanrights #lgbtqrightsarehumanrights #🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ♬ original sound – Liv

Liv then claimed that the worker “went out of their way to deliberately bring out the two books that I wanted to put them to the side and put this in instead.”

“This was purposely done,” they say. “I am going to be contacting — letting you know, Target — I’m contacting your corporate because this should have never happened, and I hope this won’t happen to other guests that you actually handle,” she said.

“It’s just really funny that it happened to me and I used to work for one of your stores and if you need that store number, I can definitely give that to you.”

Mistake or not, it would be in Liv’s best interest if she took it as a sign.

No person should be getting this upset over receiving a Bible in the mail.

She stated that she contacted the Target location that sent her the package, and the manager offered both a refund and to reship the books but she declined because she was just so offended, per Dexerto.


The fact that Liv is also vehemently pushing for an investigation into the incident, seemingly wanting whoever made the mistake to receive punishment, is simply vindictive.

It’s certainly not a response from a mentally healthy and stable adult.

Perhaps if Liv were to open the Bible she was sent and read the word of our Lord Jesus Christ she could learn a little compassion.

But for now, compassion is only for those who share her ideology it seems.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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