‘Swifties’ Make Big Change to Iconic Jesus Statue After Pastor Brokers $37K Deal for Charity

‘Swifties’ Make Big Change to Iconic Jesus Statue After Pastor Brokers $37K Deal for Charity

Pop star Taylor Swift’s dedicated fan base known as “Swifties” managed to get a Swift-inspired projection on the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro earlier this week.

The campaign started via social media ahead of the first of six Swift concerts in Brazil on Friday, The Associated Press reported.

Swift is currently on the international leg of The Eras tour, a concert experience which spans over 17 years of the singer’s music.

The Swifties originally asked the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, for the welcome message.

“I’m going to ask dear Father Omar to see if we can get this honor,” he wrote via a translated X post on Monday.

And Omar Raposo, rector of the sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, decided to issue a challenge to the Swifties.

He stated if 20,000 units of a common holiday bread, panettone, and clean water were donated he would honor the request, NBC News via a translated version of O Globo. (o globo is underpay wall and doesn’t let me archive and translate)

The donations would support local charities for Sunday’s World Day of the Poor.

In only one day, the Swifties raised roughly $37,000, which covered the challenge, according to the AP.

Therefore, the iconic statue was illuminated on Thursday, ahead of the singer’s concert the following day.

“We will properly honor Taylor Swift and her arrival to Carioca territory tonight,” Rio’s mayor confirmed in a translated version via People. “Welcome, Taylor Swift.”

Christ the Redeemer’s official Instagram page posted a video of the statue with the Swift-inspired projection that is reminiscent of her 2008 music video outfit from “You Belong With Me.”

“We did it Swifties !! Y’all could show Taylor and next all the love!” the caption read, as the song played.

“Many thanks to all who donated! Make it a wonderful day!”

Raposo told AP, “Young people like challenges. So we directed the energy of fans to do good.”

“This can and will be replicated!” he added. “It’s a mobilization for solidarity, Christ the Redeemer descending the Corcovado mountain to impact society.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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