Swifties Enraged Over NFL Fans Loudly Booing Taylor Swift at Super Bowl – ‘SHE IS NOT RUINING FOOTBALL’

Swifties Enraged Over NFL Fans Loudly Booing Taylor Swift at Super Bowl – ‘SHE IS NOT RUINING FOOTBALL’

Booing You-Know-Who stirred up quite a stew among quite a few, but others say it is a game that goes with the fame.

During Sunday’s Super Bowl, pop icon Taylor Swift sat in a pricey Allegiant Stadium suite with her entourage as the Kansas City Chiefs and boyfriend Travis Kelce defeated the San Francisco 49ers. She was highlighted for a few moments during Post Malone’s rendition of “America the Beautiful,” according to Yahoo Sports Australia.

The image was greeted with boos from the stadium, and beyond, prompting more than a few Swifties to tell the modern-day Neanderthals doing the booing to get a life.

WARNING: The following posts contain language some readers may find offensive.

“Dear all the men that booed Taylor swift when they panned to her, SHE IS NOT RUINING FOOTBALL. Go sit down and drink your s***ty draft beer with your fragile egotistical selves,” one X user, named Abbi, posted.

Others agreed that the incident was a sign of some sort of male Cro-Magnon reaction.

Some replied that, in effect, guys just gotta have fun.

But there was no booing when a group of Swifites rallied to watch the Super Bowl in Texas, according to CBS.

“Never underestimate the power of the Swifties because we are gonna take over the NFL,” Tina Nguyen said at a Taylor Swift Super Bowl watch party.


“I think we’re all here because we all feel safe to cheer on Taylor cheer on the love story but also cheer on this team that we’ve grown to love,” said Emma Mills, the founder of the DFW Swifties Facebook group.

“I created this group not to be a fan group about fangirling about Taylor Swift,” she continued. “The first and foremost for this group is to build a community.”

“I had always wanted to get into football but anytime I had ever watched a game and I wanted to ask the men in my life they’d be like, ‘shh hush, I’m watching football,'” she said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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