Suspected NYC Cop Killer Arrested and Hauled Away in Victim’s Own Handcuffs

Police in New York City have arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing an off-duty police officer. According to ABC News, police found 38-year-old Randy Jones at a motel in Nanuet, New York, on Monday. Two days prior, Jones had shot 26-year-old officer Abeed Fayaz, who had gone with his brother-in-law to see Jones about buying a car. Jones approached them asking if they had a gun. “When they said no, Jones allegedly put Fayaz in a headlock, pointed a gun at him and demanded money,” ABC reported. Fayaz broke free but was shot in the head. Jones then fled the scene after Fayaz’s brother-in-law fired a few shots at him. Fayaz was hospitalized but succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday. According to ABC, police took Jones into custody and hauled him away in handcuffs that belonged to Fayaz. The New York Post pointed out that Jones has a lengthy criminal history. At the time of his arrest, he was wanted on vehicle and traffic offenses and had 22 prior charges including grand larceny, harassment and strangulation. I guess at this point it is appropriate to ask how Jones was walking the streets in the first place. Jones is obviously a very dangerous man who has committed some horrible crimes. The justice system is clearly not working if this type of person is allowed to go free. This is putting people at risk — just ask the family of Abeed Fayaz. This, to a large degree, explains why crime has skyrocketed in leftist-run cities, where refusal to enforce the laws leads to criminals running rampant. New York is one of the cities that have been the most affected by the recent crime epidemic. This is due in no small part to the fact that New York has adopted insane soft-on-crime policies, including allowing criminals to go free on cashless bail. Many of them have gone on to re-offend. Other liberal cities have shown a similar reluctance to crack down on crime and instead have bowed to insane leftist initiatives like defunding the police, a move that many cities are now starting to regret. Now we are seeing that, even off-duty, police officers are not safe from the violent crime sweeping our cities. This should never have happened. If New York had enforced the law, Jones would not have been free to commit this crime; he would have been in jail. But instead, criminals are allowed to roam free while ordinary citizens live in fear. Americans are rightfully sick and tired of crime in their cities and of the reluctance of leftist leaders to take any action to curb the violence. It is well past time that our leaders took responsibility and actually did something to stop crime. This insanity has gone on for far too long. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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