Surveillance Footage Shows Carjackers Steal a Mother’s Car and Run Her Over in Broad Daylight

A Ring home security camera captured the moment when a carjacker ran over a mother of three with her own vehicle on Saturday, breaking several of her bones and fracturing her skull. The incident occurred at 10:59 a.m. in Atlanta, according to a news release Monday from the Atlanta Police Department. Footage shared by WXIA-TV showed 58-year-old Suzanne Hill backing out of her driveway when she stepped outside her Mazda to lock her gate. That was when the carjacker raced down the road and got into her vehicle. A gunshot was heard around the time she ran toward the door to confront the thief, the video showed. Despite her demands that he get out, the car thief continued to drive away — and ran right over Hill. “Suzanne went to the side of the car to try and stop him or just say get out of the car. He swung the car and knocked her over, ran her over, then backed over her, and drove over her again,” her husband, Michael Hill, told WXIA. Hill managed to sit up and cry out for help after being run over, and neighbors found her and called 911. “She was in trauma for the first day, multiple fractures. Fractured skull, both of shoulder blades are broken, her collarbone is broken, she has broken ribs on both sides, multiple broken ribs, broken pelvis, her right wrist is broken, she has breaks through her tibia and fibula in both legs,” Michael Hill said. “Last night they did surgery and put pins on both of her legs. We’re making progress and she’s in a better place,” he said. Police found the stolen vehicle hours after the incident, the police department said. Two people were inside the vehicle. Following a police pursuit involving a foot chase, officers arrested 20-year-old Courtney Hall and a minor, the news release said. The two suspects were charged with armed robbery and subsequently taken to the Fulton County Jail and Metro Youth Detention Center. “My whole world has just collapsed. Imploded,” Michael Hill told WXIA. “We have incredible support from a huge army of friends — I’m getting emotional just thinking about it,”  he said. “Without them, I don’t think I could’ve coped. Suzanne is so strong, she’s battling through it. We’ll get through it.” “I mean, they tried to kill her basically,” Hill said, according to the news station. “At her age, she’s a tower of strength. I’m pleased there was no head trauma or internal injuries. That’s a real positive.” The Hills don’t have health insurance, so friends and family set up a GoFundMe to help with Suzanne’s health care expenditures. The fundraising campaign had reached just over $16,000 toward its $40,000 goal as of Tuesday afternoon. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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