Superstar Rapper Tells All White Fans to ‘Watch Your Mouth’ During Concert

Superstar Rapper Tells All White Fans to ‘Watch Your Mouth’ During Concert

There’s an old Michael Jordan quote that’s popping up in this writer’s head for some reason:

Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

It was a private joke among teammates, and now it’s a quote that’s taken on a life of its own, but the meaning is simple: People of all ideologies, races and political affiliations can have overlapping interests — so why alienate them with partisan hackery?

The reason this Michael Jordan anecdote feels relevant at the moment is because a superstar from a completely different form of entertainment probably should’ve taken that meme-worthy quote to heart.

Doja Cat — the controversial pop and rap superstar — came under the spotlight recently after a viral video showed her warning her fans.

Or, pardon, a certain selection of her fans.

Take a look for yourself below:

WARNING: The following video clip contains language and imagery that some viewers may find offensive

@kaydeemeseck Doja had to check the crowd rq😂😂 #dojacat #doja #omahanebraska #scarlettourdoja ♬ original sound – Kaydee Meseck

(The TikTok video in question has the “#omahanebraska” hashtag, which would suggest that this clip is from her Dec. 8 concert in Omaha, Nebraska.)

During this particular performance of one of her many hit songs during “The Scarlet Tour,” Doja Cat paused to warn white fans of hers: “Watch your mouth if you’re white.”

That seemingly out-of-nowhere warning stemmed from the fact that the Omaha fans were singing along with Doja Cat’s hit 2021 song “Ain’t S***.”

Here’s a sampling of what the chorus to that song includes: “N****s ain’t s***, come up in your crib / All up in your fridge, can’t pay rent.”

It’s apparently the recital of the n-word (which, in the song, features the softer “a” ending) that caused Doja Cat to single out her white fans, and that begs the question — why?

Why put something into your song that only a pre-selected portion of your fans can sing along with? Why perpetuate this double-standard? Why alienate any segment of your fan base as “lesser” or “less deserving” to sing along?

Doja Cat does have a number of accolades including a Grammy and multiple other musical awards, so she clearly has some semblance of talent.

So why resort to this lowest common denominator race-baiting that the left loves so dearly?


Oh wait, that probably answered the question.

Doja Cat, for all intents and purposes, is the distillation of leftism (and everything it entails, from race baiting to fourth-wave feminism) that Michael Jordan so desperately wanted to avoid being.

Make no mistake about it: Doja Cat singling out white people is actually one of her lesser sins.

Just look at the music video from her hit single “Paint the Town Red,” which is just full of demonic imagery. (We’re not going to embed that music video directly here, it’s that bad.)

And here’s one of the safer Instagram posts from the rap star, who often likes to post more demonic and cultish content on social media:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Doja Cat (@dojacat)

Look, the racial double standard of the n-word is well-worn territory at this point (this writer doesn’t think anyone — black, white, purple — should use the term), but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be called out.

And when this racial double standard comes from an apparent Satanist?

It can’t just be called out. It needs to be excoriated.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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