Student Who Ripped Out Transgender Inclusion from School Bathroom Smiles as He Opens Mail from Trump

Student Who Ripped Out Transgender Inclusion from School Bathroom Smiles as He Opens Mail from Trump

Doing the right thing can pay off in ways people would never expect.

Michael was not thrilled when his school installed a tampon dispenser in the men’s bathroom under a Connecticut law.

As transgender mania continues to sweep the nation, more and more people are becoming fed up with the ridiculous idea that men can be women and vice versa.

But for the young man, action needed to be taken to protest the ridiculous changes pushed forth by liberals in the government.

He took the initiative to remove the dispenser from the wall in a sign of protest just 20 minutes after it had been installed, showing clearly that forced liberal ideologies won’t succeed.

Unfortunately for Michael though, his school district didn’t see it that way.

Principal Marc Balanda said he was “disgusted” by the action in an email to school faculty and students, pushing for students to come forth with information about who caused the dispenser to be removed.

The Brookfield Schools Superintendent John Barile also protested the action, calling it “vandalism” and sharing that the student, Michael, would be facing punishment.


Michael was threatened with a hate crime charge, something that Principal Balanda only dropped upon seeing the large amount of media attention that the young man managed to garner with his actions.

In an interview with Libs of TikTok, Michael explained that he took it down because he felt strongly about it and felt the school should have notified families of the change, something the district failed to do.

But while the actions of Michael certainly caught some negative attention he undoubtedly wished to avoid, it certainly caught positive attention as well, managing to reach former President Donald Trump.

The 45th president sent the young man a package that included a signed “Make America Great Again” hat alongside a letter thanking Michael for standing up against liberal ideologies.

And he was absolutely thrilled.

WARNING: The following post contains language that may offend some readers. 

In his own words, the gift from Trump was “awesome,” putting a massive smile on the young man’s face.

Stories like Michael’s show that sometimes standing up for what you believe in can pay off even if the consequences seem intimidating.

Courage like his deserves to be celebrated.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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