‘Squad’ Member Runs Away from Reporter Like a Child When Pressed on Israel

When it comes to loud-mouthed leftists like Rep. Rashida Tlaib, silence says it all. Fox Business Network’s Hillary Vaughn tracked down the Michigan congresswoman in the Capitol on Tuesday, to ask a series of pointed questions about the atrocities against Israel over the weekend by the terrorist organization Hamas. The way Tlaib responded spoke volumes. Instead of answering what would be a simple question to any adult with a moral compass — Tlaib scurried like a child. Check it out here: This is no small thing. And it isn’t just a moment of “gotcha” journalism. One of the founding members of the progressive “squad” in the House of Representatives has had plenty of opinions about causes liberals care about: Loathing for Donald Trump; letting criminals out of jail; the “right” of women to destroy babies before they’re born. But she has nothing to say to a series of direct questions about the stomach-turning slaughter of hundreds of innocent men, women and children on Saturday by a terrorist group that appears to run its strategy by Satan before it heads out on its murderous missions. Decapitated babies — again, decapitated babies — are among the victims of the terrorist onslaught, Fox News reported Tuesday. The internet is awash with video of the massacre — recorded and posted by the proud killers themselves. And yet Rashida Tlaib couldn’t summon the courage and common sense to answer a question that any remotely normal human could. The social media response was brutal: It shouldn’t be hard, even for a lawmaker of Palestinian descent who supports the Palestinian cause, to field the question. Even a lawmaker who, as the New York Post reported, has come under pressure for displaying a Palestinian flag outside her office after Saturday’s bloodshed should be able to answer with something along the lines of: “My positions on the state of Israel and the Palestinians are well-known and unchanged. However, I condemn the unacceptable attacks on civilians, the rape of women, the burning of grandmothers, and the decapitation of babies. No cause can justify atrocities like that.” See? It’s not that hard to come up with a way to state that decapitating infants is morally unacceptable. You know why? Because to anyone who’s not a psychopath poisoned by their own politics, decapitating infants is morally unacceptable. But Tlaib couldn’t come up with something like that, which raises at least the possibility that it’s because she doesn’t actually believe it. It could well be that Rashida Tlaib thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for Hamas fighters to butcher Jewish babies in the service of the supposed Palestinian cause. [ic_trending] She certainly wouldn’t be alone in accepting the unacceptable. Since the Saturday massacre,  leftists have come out openly to support the perpetrators of the worst systematic attack on world Jewry since the blood-soaked days of the Holocaust, and cast the blame on their victims, on the United States, on anyone but the actual killers themselves. (“Freaks” was the way National Review commentator Charlie Cook described such people in a column on Tuesday. One word has rarely done its job so well.) But Tlaib is a member of the United States Congress, a lawmaker in the world’s only superpower and the country that the rest of the world looks to for leadership — even the countries that despise it. She has a responsibility to speak out. When she doesn’t, on an issue as unambiguous as the decapitation of children, she’s sending a message that can be heard around the world. For years, American leftists have been claiming that “silence is violence” when they’re trying to bully their compatriots into public agreement with the leftist agenda. It’s nonsense, a contradiction in terms. A deliberate twisting of the language for deceit in a tradition that goes back to the serpent toying with Eve. But in Tlaib’s case on Tuesday it was almost literally true — her silence amounted to an endorsement of violence — and violence of the most unspeakable kind. And it was a silence that said it all.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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