Spiritual Battle: ‘Pride’ Attendees Act Like Animals as They Surround Street Preacher

A street preacher kept calm while “pride” manifested its natural symptoms. In Seattle, attendees at a “pride” event surrounded a preacher and used various tactics to intimidate him. One attendee got close to the preacher’s face and barked like a dog. The Post Millennial on Twitter described the incident and shared a video of it: “PRIDE SEATTLE: Attendees surround a street preacher and bark like rabid dogs as music blares in the background to drown him out.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

One Twitter user responded with an ironic cartoon showing a person dressed as a woman, carrying a “pride” sign, and yelling into a megaphone at a nondescript man offering a Bible: “Stop pushing your beliefs on me.” Others made references to Jesus, the New Testament, or religion in general. Another user was less generous but no less outraged: “These people are dirt. Demand respect but give none, have no grace or regard for fellow man. A hideous display of narcissism and callousness.” It would be tempting to conclude that this “pride” event degenerated into narcissistic, exhibitionist intolerance, but that would not be true. No “pride” event can “degenerate” into the very things it exists to showcase. The music blared because the attendees would not or could not hear The Word of God. They used small flags to try to obscure the preacher’s view of his own Bible. Had the barking young man been possessed by a demon, would his behavior have differed? Whatever one believes about such things, it is impossible not to notice and ask. Meanwhile, in an inspiring display of love and forbearance, the preacher carried his cross with a dignity worthy of our Savior. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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