Speculation Runs Wild After Michelle Obama Joins Clintons, Biden Alone on Air Force One

Speculation Runs Wild After Michelle Obama Joins Clintons, Biden Alone on Air Force One

No doubt, the Democratic Party and the establishment media are having a hard time selling President Joe Biden as a winning candidate. Even to his few remaining avid supporters, the writing on the wall isn’t good.

Biden’s questionable health and competency alongside his failed policies have become overtly blaring. A whopping 54 percent of respondents to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll this month said he lacks “the competence to carry out the job of president” today, let alone for another four years.

Marching in another candidate to replace the 81-year-old incumbent would seem to be a no-brainer.

Hence, the public testing of California Gov. Gavin Newsom lately. Only he is a hard sell too, given the pillaging of his state.

This leaves the Democratic Party in a pickle. It needs a popular candidate who could deliver votes next year.

Could anyone guess who that might be?

Could it be the woman who joined Biden and Bill and Hillary Clinton on Air Force One on Tuesday?

Michelle Obama traveled with the president and the Clintons to former first lady Rosalynn Carter’s funeral in Georgia without her husband, former President Barack Obama.

She made a statement by being on that plane solo. It was one that was no less staggering than the one made by Barack Obama when he voiced his desire to serve as president for a third term, only from behind the scenes.

Many believe he got his wish, convinced he has been the main puppeteer of Biden’s every move.

Now speculation has arisen that Obama might be orchestrating a fourth term through his wife.

Her presence and his absence from the flight had social media abuzz.

While the former first lady has publicly stated multiple times that she has no plans of running for president, the Democratic Party might be changing her tune. Its options are thin, especially in light of the fact that the Republican frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, continues to grow in popularity with each new adversity and indictment thrust upon him.

Since Barack Obama can’t officially run again, his wife — whom the Democratic Party and establishment media have turned into a social and cultural icon — would make the perfect mask for him to resume his duties.

The current mask is growing more decrepit by the day. It won’t last.

Michelle Obama is only 59, though. She has a lot of mileage and appeal left on her. That’s what the party would be counting on if this idea transforms itself from speculation into reality.

Democrats, liberals and the global elite need their Cyrano — and Barack Obama undoubtedly wants to be king.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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