‘If Something Happens to Me’: Rap Superstar Who Campaigned Hard for Biden Trashes Him in Telling Viral Post

‘If Something Happens to Me’: Rap Superstar Who Campaigned Hard for Biden Trashes Him in Telling Viral Post

Rapper Cardi B has turned on President Joe Biden after campaigning for him in 2020 — and is even hinting that she fears her newfound opposition could put her life in danger.

Last week, New York Mayor Eric Adams announced a city budget plan that included major cuts in education, libraries, the police and other areas of government so that money could be funneled to feed, clothe, house and give medical, legal and employment assistance to the tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding the “sanctuary city.”

The cuts sent the “Bodak Yellow” rapper off on the man she once championed for the White House.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, roasted Biden for the border crisis that has caused the Big Apple mayor to make such drastic cuts in services to American citizens.

“I’m an angry b****,” the foul-mouthed rapper exclaimed in a video posted to social media.

“I need y’all to spread this video, and if something happens to me, it’s because I’m speaking truth,” she said. “So God forbid something happens to me or my family or some s***, it’s because n****s is after me because I’m speaking the truth.

“And here’s the truth, right? In New York, there is a $120 million budget cut … that is going to affect schools, public libraries and the police department — y’all know I don’t give a f*** about the cops, but it is what it is.”

“There’s gonna be a $120 million budget cut, with schools, with libraries and the cops … and a $5 million budget cut in sanitation. … We are gonna be drowning in f***ing rats,” the rapper told her followers.

“Mind you — this is why I said … ‘I’m not endorsing no f***ing presidents no more.’ … We got [all these cuts] yet Joe Biden talking about, ‘Yeah, we can fund two wars. We can fund two wars.’ Motherf***ers talkin’ about, ‘We don’t got it, but we got it. We’re the greatest nation.’ No the f*** we’re not! We’re going through some s*** right now,” she declared.

Cardi B, who is reportedly worth more than $40 million, also said she is worried about the Bronx, complaining that “rats and squirrels and raccoons” are freely roaming the streets and crime will go “through the roof” with Adams’ budget cuts.

“Where these kids gonna go? Like, I’m lucky. I’m lucky. I’m blessed,” she said.

“I’m whatever the f***, but what’s going to happen to my nieces? What’s going to happen to my nephews? What’s going to happen to my cousins, my aunts, my friends that’s living in the hood?”

“B****, New York is already f***ing super dirty. … And we gonna get even dirtier with the f***ing budget cuts,” the “WAP” singer said.

“They don’t want to say the word, but we’re going through a recession right now,” she said.

“The point is we can’t fund these wars. We can barely f***ing fund this country. Finish it! Y’all need to finish it! Stop frontin’ like you got the f***ing money! You don’t got no money. You don’t got no sugar for your honeys.”

WARNING: The following videos contain vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Cardi B was rapping a different tune from the one she was excited about in 2020.

She initially supported Vermont democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination to take on then-President Donald Trump.

When Sanders fizzled, the rapper turned to Biden, whom she endorsed in August 2020. “I want a president who makes me feel secure,” she said at the time.

Cardi B also interviewed Biden for Elle magazine and told him, “I just want Trump out.”

The rapper’s newfound reticence to side with politicians brought a shake of the head from The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens, who posted to X that she loved that Cardi B “is going viral for sensibly stating that America is not putting its citizens first while opining about how it’s our moral duty to help every nation overseas.”

Owens then ruefully added, “I only wish she had done this before she helped to elect a senile man whose party has single-handedly created the migrant crisis that taxpayers are now suffering the consequences from.”

Cardi B does not seem to be alone, though. Several recent polls have found that the number of black and Hispanic voters who are supporting Trump and/or souring on Biden is rising. These stories are all over the media, including in The New York Times, NBC News and The Wall Street Journal.

The popular rapper is one voice in a rising din of Americans turning on Joe Biden. Nearly every move the president has made — from the economy to immigration, to energy policy, to pushing electric cars on us all, to matters of foreign policy and the military — all seem aimed at harming Americans.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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