Social Media Mega Star Logan Paul Gets Stunning Wake-Up Call: ‘I Defamed Jesus and God, And I Felt His Wrath’

Social media mogul, part-time boxer and WWE superstar Logan Paul has always been a lightning rod for controversy. In fact, it wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that Paul has built his media empire on the back of controversy. The first time most people heard of Paul was likely when a 2017 vlog garnered all sorts of negative attention and backlash. In the video, Paul stumbled upon an alleged hanging corpse in Japan’s notorious Aokigahara forest. (The forest is known for being a popular suicide spot.) The heat got to be too much for Paul, compelling him to issue a rare apology on Twitter: In perhaps a sign of personal maturation, or at the very least a quicker-thinking PR team, Paul recently apologized again for another controversy. Only this time, since Paul was criticized for the way he mocked someone’s Christian faith, the establishment media made nary a peep about it. To wit, during the Dec. 13 episode of his YouTube video show, “Impaulsive,” Paul did come under some fire (not much) after he attacked friend and co-host George Janko over his religious beliefs. The episode description even notes that “Logan tells George he needs therapy over Jesus.” “I’ll be honest with you bro, Jesus Christ f***s,” Paul said, among a medley of other wildly blasphemous things. Well, in the most recent episode of “Impaulsive,” Paul spoke about how he made some “out of line” comments (quite the understatement) and explained why he felt that he felt “wrath” from Jesus and God.

WARNING: The following video contains language the reader may find offensive

“I made some uh … pretty out of line comments to George about George’s beliefs,” Paul said. “And I said uh … I’m not going to say what I said. I’m not even going there again because I’ll tell you why. The following three weeks [since attacking George’s beliefs] have been the hardest period of my f***ing life. Buddy, God kicked me in the d*** as hard as he f***ing could.” Vulgarities aside, Paul at least seemed to acknowledge that his words have consequences. He then proceeded to list an almost comical list of maladies that he’s suffered since making those comments. “We started off in Qatar,” Paul said. “I got violent food poisoning.” However, co-host Mike Majlak reminded Paul of what happened before the food poisoning. “Twenty-thousand dollar camera was taken,” Paul recalled. Paul noted that Qatari authorities took the camera despite Qatar having invited Paul to the World Cup. He did eventually get the camera back. “It’s just little things here and there,” Paul said, describing all the other issues he was experiencing. “Things aren’t showing up. We mischeduled. Again, got violent f***ing food poisoning. Next day got alcohol poisoning. Uh, uh, uh … Our luggage was delayed, so we had no clothes to get to our events. “Qatar was the first time I felt the wrath of God.” Is this the wake-up call that Paul needed to reinforce his faith? Perhaps. It’s clear that the controversial star and wrestler still has a ways to go, even if he’s had a religious epiphany. “I defamed Jesus and God,” Paul ultimately admitted. “And I felt His wrath.” Paul then turned to Janko with something to say to him. “I’m not a f***ing atheist,” Paul said. “I believe in God. People think I don’t believe in God. It might not identify as the same god as you, but it was just very telling to me how the karmic energy of the universe, this is what I’ll call it, just went right back around and put me in my place.” To gently correct Paul, “karmic energy” is actually not a particularly Christian belief. It wasn’t “karmic energy” that put you in your place, Mr. Paul. It was God. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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